How to Buy White PS4 Destiny Bundle for Just £325 (Or Possibly Even Less)

If you’re in the UK, you might be aware that the Destiny White PS4 bundle costs around £385, and only seems to be available from Game. With this bundle you get a special White PlayStation 4 console, as well as some exclusive DLC, so it’s no wonder that everyone wants one. However, with this really simple and obvious trick, you can get the same bundle for almost £60 off the list price in the UK, provided you’re willing to sacrifice some features.

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frenchtoast1595d ago

I hardly ever use my PS3 for movies so probably would be okay to do this. hmmm...

RosweeSon1595d ago

Sounds like a lot of hassle and hard work to then lose your Blu ray player or have to import all your films.

Mr Pumblechook1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

WARNING: The article incorrectly says 'there is no import tax.' In fact you have to pay UK Customs Duty on ALL items imported from outside the European Union. This means you have to pay on imports from the USA. The tax you have to pay might even be higher than the standard 20% possibly a maximum of 85%.

U.K. customs don't check every package sent to the UK, if you're lucky (As the writer appears to have been) they won't check yours. But if yours is checked you will have to pay, and then there is the extra postage costs. It's not worth the tax and postage costs of importing from the USA, additionally you will not receive any consumer support if your console breaks down. So IMHO, don't do it!

SniperControl1594d ago

Yep, your right. I ordered my Oculus Rift back in april, as it's coming from the USA to the UK, i had to pay £77 import tax. Luckily Oculus include this in the total.

DemonChicken1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

You pay a import fee deposit via amazon (so in this respect article is wrong)so you are charged in advance, they refund you if not taken which is a slim chance. But this is only for certain products, otherwise you will be billed by customs if your package is withheld. This is hard because amazon slaps a cost on the front package, so they declare it, you can try to select a gift but no won't increase your chances much.

I rather use topcashback since they don't charge the fee

Most blu rays are multi regional, dvds are not. You can usually check on multiple sites,

It may turn out to be the same regardless whether you used amazon's currecy convertor or not. This is due to your bank charge, they usually charge a fee on top, HSBC was free last I checked - check your card supplier/bank.

caseh1594d ago

This was posted on a few days back.

It sounds like a great deal if you can get over the region locking and the fact your copy of Destiny will be US so. If you want DLC which is bound to come out, you will need to buy US PSN cards as you can't credit a US PSN account with UK bank details.

Paprika1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I usually love white consoles. The white ps3 slim was gorgeous. But I think I prefer the original ps4 colour! I dunno, just looks cheaper in white.... :(

But that controller in white is sexy!!