Five Minutes Of Evolve's Alpha Gameplay Leaked, and it Looks Monstrous (in a Good Way)

Evolve’s alpha is in full swing, and obviously it was only a matter of time before someone leaked some gameplay footage of Turtle Rock Studios’ 4 vs 1 shooter.

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BX811594d ago

This game looks sooooo sweet! Xb1 day one for me.

inveni01593d ago

No one asked me, either, but I'll tell you that I was not a fan. The game is REALLY unbalanced.

REDGUM1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

My opinion only.....
Doesn't look next gen graphics to me.
Good buy far from great.
Nothing stand out in the graphics department for me sorry.
That's what I'm looking for before I upgrade to ps4.
Wanting a STAND OUT game that shines.

Maybe I'll just have to hang out till uncharted 4 (not Inc TLOU which I'll pick up at the same time).

From ps2 to ps3 there was a huge jump in graphics and game play. This ps3 to ps4 jump wasn't as impressive for me. Don't get me wrong games look good but I'm wanting great. It'll come but it'll take time to tap that power & performance. 2015-2016 I think we'll start to see STAND OUT games.
Till then though I'm content with my ps3.
Again... it's just an opinion.

Happy gaming guys!!

nope1111594d ago

I don't feel it :/
It just doesn't look that good...

BX811594d ago

The good thing is there are so many games coming out around that time frame. So no matter your platform of choice youre bound to find a game that suits you.

Lizzzzzy1594d ago

It doesn't look good because I didn't put the settings to max, I was recording and it just lagged the shit out of the game when it was on max. Without recording it was fine, probably some optimization errors. Nothing that won't be fixed.

I will try to fix sound and other things as I post the other clips.

Utalkin2me1594d ago

I don't think Nope was talking about graphics. I think Nope was referring to the game in general.

ic3fir31594d ago

Looks much better than the crap the Destiny.

Destiny is so mediocre and everyone loves because of the hype, Evolve is one game that will be the best multiplayer game of the year, but many will ignore the lack of hype =(

This new generation of players do not know how to appreciate good games

awi59511594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

You didnt play left 4 did 2 versus mode did you. It was so awesome being the monsters and screwing with the players. Man i would mess people up with the smoker and the boomer they think they were safe then i would grab them in the darkness and kill them lol. Their friends were like where did he go lol.

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Menkyo1594d ago

another POS FPS...... awesome.

Bonkerz1594d ago

You wanna talk about something different in the shooter genre, that is this game. Something that is completely different, this looks fantastic. Day 1 baby, will compliment my X1 very well!

rmw2hot871594d ago

I'm looking forward in playing the beta on X1. this game is definitely on my radar.

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The story is too old to be commented.