Can beat-em-ups strike back?

'Street Fighter 4 is the best game ever' claims PSM3 scribe. And PSM3's inner-child is praying he's right...

Normal press trips work like this: a 16 hour flight to, say, the USA. A stern grilling at customs. Four hours of coma-deep sleep before waking, bolt upright, at 5am, and pacing around the room with jet lag watching 'Good Morning Los Angeles' or ESPN's Brazillian Socccer league coverage. A loud press conference fronted by dull, supremely confident US marketing managers. Ten minutes hands-on with one level of a dull game. Drinks. Bed. Pace the floor at 4am. But PSM3's recent trip to Las Vegas for SFIV was different. Very different.

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Gun_Senshi3812d ago

it seems like they are keeping Street Fighter II Forumla and just updating graphics and maybe more moves.

THAT is a very good thing. Its the best thing for SF IV

FAQS3812d ago

Q: Does Tekken 6 own SF4?
A: Yes, IN MY OPPINION (I said my oppinion), yes...I love Tekken and Tekken, for me is the best, whitout doubt ( well I love Soulcalibur too) Beat'up game ever!...But do not worry, I'm a complete maniac of Street fighter...
Q: A maniac, but...?
A: I played SF all my gamer life, in the arcades, in consoles, I have all games of Street fighter and Capcom vs games, I'm completly fan of the series, but I'm completly honest: Tekken is best! And is best because it was a moving forward game just like Virtua Fighter (this one the first) implementing the 3D Fighting games, and is always innovating! SF was stuck in the past whith 2D games,... Hey guys i loved the 2D games, but there's a time to inovate, don't you think? I really hope this 4th chapter to be a REAL innovation of the series!...

Veryangryxbot3811d ago

And there is no fighter like Tekken. Tekken took the crown since Tekken 2 and hasnt let go since.

Tekken 4 was weak but the competition pretty much gave up after the massive domination.

Tekken 6 will own SF EX remake, ehh I mean SF4, too. Mark my words.

somelikeithot3811d ago

No freakin way man, nothing comes close to street fighter 2 turbo, the greatest fighting game ever made, which I still own and play almost every time I have mates over.

MK_Red3811d ago

Best fighter ever in my humble opinion is Mortal Kombat 2 (Yes, I'm an MK nut)...

But this gen, SFIV is gonna pwn all. Seriously, Tekken is a fun series but has never been among gods. SF2, MK2 and original Soul Calibur are gods of fighting.
And this gen, SFIV is going to resurrect the badassness of fighters. Tekken 6 and SC4 are fun but more of a button mashers. Mortal Kombat has become a joke with MK vs DC and finally, KI3 isn't announced yet.

ice_prophecy3811d ago

My 5 fighters That I LOVE of all time are


Soul Calibur

Street fighter

King of Fighter

Samurai Showdown

All of them are different to me! I play them with different people. ITS ALL FUN TO ME!

Tekken = timing combos!

Soul Calibur = eye candy sword action :D

Streetfigher = hadouken... nuff said?

King of fighter = Fast pace anime action

Samurai Showdown = did someone say 29 hit combo sword action slashing?


Enigma_20993811d ago

SFA III pwns Tekken 6....

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GametimeUK3811d ago

... Was a stupidly good fighting game... My 2nd best fighting game of all time in all honesty... I dont think even Tekken can live up to the greatness that is SF2 (even though Tekken 3 was awesome)... Soul Calibur 2 is my fave fighting game...

shine13963811d ago

balance was more then a little off...but I got to own up that we still play that at our home....when was soul calibre 2 released? and of course the dreamcast version is said to be a classic, up there with sf2 lore. but i never owned or played that so...would love to if it came over to psn or something...

shine13963811d ago

tried virtua fighter after thinking tekken's gone down south. and the latest one is pretty cool. tekken came back with latest one the psp version...looking foward to street fighter...and of course the soul calibre...
I've heard mk is coming back..but street fighter 2 hd remix ought to be good as well.

I hope we get medals with trophies, or belts...

I hope they have virtual tournaments in home, that would be awesome...

MK_Red3811d ago

Dude, the MK is not coming back.
The new game is a retarded MK vs DC universe that's rated T and does NOT have fatalities.

SF4 and SC4 are the fighters for me even though I'm a die hard MK fan.

oliverasadi3811d ago


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