Old Dog, New Tricks - PAL MGS 4 Packaging Opened

TheSixthAxis: "If, like us, you've been eagerly awaiting Metal Gear Solid 4 like an expectant father, then today might just be your lucky day. Sure, promo and review copies are nice to own, but nothing comes close to having the proper retail packaging in your hands on release day. Clawing off the sellophane wrapping is a ritual non-gamers will never have the pleasure of experiencing, but to us it's all part of the fun."

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r10003811d ago

Quick question.. is this game "shipping" tomorrow for a Friday release... or shipping today for a thursday release...?

Kyur4ThePain3811d ago

I'd say it's shipped and in stores.

When I went to my local Target last night, they already had them on the shelf (though they were sold out) and also the 80G MGS units (there were a couple of them).

This store seems to break dates often as I got Uncharted a few days early from them too.

Iceman100x3811d ago

These are pretty much the saddest people there are wasting bandwidth on this crap.