Call of Duty: Ghosts Nemesis DLC – Dynasty Map Preview

Activision and Infinity Ward have released a preview of multiplayer map Dynasty for Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Nemesis coming August 5th.

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edgarohickman665d ago

I have both Ghosts and BF4, never played Ghosts before.
Is it any good?

Funantic1665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

It's not the best COD I'll admit. But it's better than BF4. COD has a good balance of both an arcade style and simulation military game together. It's fast and addictive. Once you learn where to go on the maps and which weapons to use on each map you'll become better. Then you'll earn rewards (killstreaks) for consecutive kills and be able to use various weapons and gadgets. Killstreaks are in my opinion just one of the things that makes COD stand above all other FPS games. I think the next COD will be better.

Matt666664d ago

Quote "COD has a good balance of both an arcade style and simulation military game together"

No COD doesn't have any simulation military game aspects in there. Its a fast paced arcade shooter at best.

dillhole665d ago

I find it absolutely infuriating. I don't think it is healthy that I play it any more because I'm going to end up hurting myself or someone else.

coolbeans665d ago

I'd say it's a decent entry, but ultimately one of the worst ones yet due to several factors (over saturation being the most glaring).

My full review on here:

xHoii665d ago

Lol go play it and see.

Quofo664d ago

True, it's much better than BF4. Still the worst CoD to date though. I'm a huge CoD fan and Ghosts was a huge let down. Haven't played the game in a few months.

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Tom87665d ago

Wow, this DLC looks great.

Ripsta7th665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

Such a set up, or are CoD players that unaware of their surroundings?

ShaqSoda665d ago

Compared to previous CoDs, Ghosts is 10x more frustrating in multiplayer. You either get killed from someone playing "defensively" in the corner with his sights aimed down, or you get killed from behind.

Wni0665d ago

Did they learn how to animate moving grass and foliage yet?

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