The Crew makes me want a modern version of Cruisin’ USA

GameZone's Jake Valentine: "I shouldn’t have stronger feelings for a good-not-great 90s arcade game than I do for a 2014 open world racer releasing on relatively new consoles."

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Becuzisaid1567d ago

Yes yes and yes. I've been saying this for years.

ITPython1567d ago

I've never liked racing games, but for whatever reason Crusin' USA on my N64 was fun as heck. Almost forgot about my time with this game, brings back good memories.

San Francisco Rush was also another racing game I enjoyed on occasion when I rented it from Blockbuster. Along with Need for Speed II that I played on my brothers PS1, was hilarious driving around as the T-rex with cheat codes (man I miss cheat codes... shame they mostly went away due to online gaming and the risk of people cheating online). How awesome would it be if somebody were to release a Gameshark for the PS4/XB1, maybe then we could start having mods like the PC gamers.

Becuzisaid1567d ago

San Fransisco Rush and Hydro Thunder are my two favorite arcade racers of all time. Nothing made me sweat the way they did.

Never played NFS2 but did play NFS3 - I believe the first to include police pursuit. Very fun as well. But there's just something about the way Midway did things back in the day that others couldn't match.

jcnba281567d ago

That game was awesome in the arcades and N64!

xJumpManx1567d ago

Can we get a remake of Cruis'n World as well. I still play both of these games quite often.

Becuzisaid1567d ago

Cruis'n USA >>>> Cruis'n World >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>> Cruis'n Exotica

tee_bag2421567d ago

Yes please. I use to thrash Cruisin USA at the arcades . Love it.

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