Q&A, Airtight Games, developer of Dark Void

Can you tell PLAY how Dark Void came to fruition, and what role Capcom played in the concept of the game?

"Well Capcom agreed to fund us to build a small prototype, so we packed in a bunch of stuff (on-ground combat vehicle combat, air combat, and all this stuff). We got it done, barely, but it wasn't perfect. A lot of games you look at and you think "there's nothing wrong with this, but there's nothing special about it." So we took it to Capcom and they said the same thing "this isn't good enough etc". But they did say that they believed in us and they want to fund the whole project. So we flied back and we had a weird feeling, like we had the funding but we knew that the prototype wasn't what it needed to be."

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Silogon3843d ago

This game, as cool as it looks, needs to be evaluated by Disney, since they're the property owners of the rocketeer franchise now. This game is a huge rip off of it's look.

Still getting it, though.