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Lords Of The Fallen - New 6 minutes PS4 gameplay video

New six minutes gameplaye video for Dark Souls-style RPG Lords Of The Fallen has been released, The new video is captured on PS4 (Lords of the Fallen, PS4)

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jobboy  +   362d ago
looks and plays good!
but i hope they fix that bit of screen tearing and framerate stutters.
Darkstares  +   362d ago
Yup, aside from the screen tearing it actually looks pretty darn good.
DevilishSix  +   362d ago
As someone who enjoys me some one on one strategic Dark Souls like gameplay I am going to pick this one up. Hopefully they polish out the screen tear and bit of stuttering, I think they will. The game director comes from Witcher 2 team so yeah it should be good.
diehardmetallicafan  +   362d ago
Looks awesome! why have i not heard of or seen this before??
Skate-AK  +   361d ago
That could be from whatever they used to capture the video.
WutangClam  +   362d ago
This is certainly one of the games I am most looking forward to for the rest of the year.
Eonjay  +   362d ago
Looks good.
ThatOneRiggaNob  +   362d ago
Yeah it looks really good. I can't wait to get my hands on this game.
LAWSON72  +   362d ago
Maybe I have bad memory but why does it seem like every demo of this game is the same one. I really hope this game is not mediocre
GusBricker  +   362d ago
It was Comic Con demo, I believe.
LAWSON72  +   362d ago
I just compared it is the same demo as E3 unless I am not watching enough to make a proper assumption. There was also a gameplay trailer which showed the same stuff. However Comic Con demo was different and I also found the first reveal gameplay which was different as well.
gameslayer2411  +   362d ago
Well, to mostly keep spoilers out of their gameplay demos, most companies will demo something they have already shown, it leaves the target audience wanting more.
theshredded  +   362d ago
sleeper hit of the year no doubt
stavrami-mk2  +   362d ago
this is what i was hoping bound by flame to be like .this looks like a action rpg should
camel_toad  +   362d ago
Yeh bound by flame was a real coulda shoulda been kind of game. I wanted to like it it but meh... Anyways I hope Lords of the Fallen turns out good.
Vantage  +   362d ago
Good art design. I'll assume Lords of the Fallen is average until I get a chance to play it.

I thought Dark Souls 2 looked good but it turned out to be an absolute betrayal. Good thing it was developed by From Soft's B team or I'd still be upset.
nucky64  +   362d ago
dark souls 2 was too easy - but it still was fun.
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CervantesPR  +   362d ago
dark souls 2 was a good game but a disapointment for us demon/dark souls 1 fans, im sure its amazing for first time players though
Heard the name but didn't bother to look at it til now. Do want.
Sketchy_Galore  +   362d ago
I really don't get it anymore, I just don't. Everything is just a direct rip off of something else, everything's just playing it completely safe, not adding the slightest of new potentially risky ideas. Such blatant attempts to drain your wallet without offering you a worthwhile product and you're all excited for it.

I really miss the days when gaming was a hobby for nerds, (meaning people with actual ideas and imagination) now it's all gone the exact same way the movie industry has gone. Just the same recycled crap controlled and created by market research focused on earning the most revenue from the lowest common denominator.

Oh well, enjoy Lords of the fallen. Enjoy the Purge 2. Enjoy whatever crap they feed you next. I'll be doing something else while I wait for the next increasingly rare game that actually manages to retain some kind of risky creativity.
Vantage  +   362d ago
Reveal to us peons what ideas would make this game or any other game better?

12 tone music was a new idea after centuries of tradition. That doesn't mean it sounded good.
GusBricker  +   362d ago
I saw some gameplay where someone was using a sword and your character was SO much quicker.
Predaking77  +   362d ago
"inspired in Dark Souls"

Completely sold only with that lol

It looks so good. To think that Bloodbourne will come next year, wow, cant imagine how good it will be.
CervantesPR  +   362d ago
WTF?? Dark Souls MUCH????? square enix your pissing me off, first you make the reboot of tomb raider into uncharted then you copy dark souls??? for reals man
Aon  +   361d ago
Honestly if I have a lot of fun with this game I don't care how it will be similar to another game. For me most important think on the game is good fun. Lords of the Fallen looks very promising and I hope they do not disappointed me.
riverside666  +   354d ago
Very well talking about! because what that might look like, and similarly, but will differ storyline that does not get tired after the first 5 hours. Let's play for fun! not to play in the experts and point out the similarities, because basically every game you can find something :)

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