Some customers receiving Metal Gear Solid 4 today

It looks as though are sending out some copies of Metal Gear Solid 4 early.

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Jamie Foxx3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

are awlays prompt with their service,great site

Bad_Karma3568d ago

My copy arrived about 30 mins ago ..thanks postie :)


MicroDeath SoftStar3567d ago

got mine too and this game frackin rocks

FreeMonk3567d ago

I received mine at 6am this morning. Got the missus out of bed. She wasn't pleased!

pwnmaster30003568d ago

those bastards
im gonna find them all and beat them and get there copy and give it to all the ps3 fan in here.

crazy250003568d ago

I have to pay bills first.....hopefully I have enough to buy this =(

Fishy Fingers3568d ago

I really hope I'm one of the lucky few :)

I always order from as I have recieve several title's a day early.

Shadow Flare3568d ago

I really hope so. I bought the MGS4 LM edition of It'd be wicked if it was there when i come from work. But im guessing the LM edition may be a little big to fit through the letterbox. Postman, if you're reading this, just cram that thing through the letterbox just stuff it through there, try your best

Jamie Foxx3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

just force that sh!t through goddammit

Gun_Senshi3568d ago

I ALWAYS order from but I wanted MGS4: Limited Edition but did not sent that product to my country so bleh :(

Gun_Senshi3567d ago

How the fack can you disagree?

MGS4 LE from only shipped to UK! and I do not live in UK

TheHater3567d ago

it just a troll that is disagreeing

Ghoul3567d ago

i just went to my local saturn and saw a batch of LE mgs4's

yes the one with the figure/bluray making off/soundtrack

mgs4 is incredible

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The story is too old to be commented.