6-Year-Old Girl Tries Naming Super Smash Bros. Characters

Meet your new challenger, Super Smash Bros. fans. This 6-year-old girl names all thirty-six confirmed characters. So what if she refers to Pac-Man as "Pakistan!"

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TekoIie1362d ago

Some of those names are brilliant XD

Personal favourites:

Robin = Twins
Captain Falcon = Power Ranger
Marth = Martha

TomShoe1362d ago

Pac Man = Pakistan

I'm crying

randomass1711362d ago

That was so cute! Ghost Peach was hands down the best one. XD

Foraoise1362d ago

So this was posted twice already and super old :I

Spotie1362d ago

We're all enjoying it. You can go elsewhere.

Why even bother to come into the article, or comment?

nintendo_fan_4life1362d ago

Respectfully disagree! Kids are always cuter and funnier than old people.

donwel1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

While that is true, this image likely originated on 4chan and probably made by someone no younger than 14 for giggles

Reeze1362d ago

Princess Angel and Ghost Peach win. XD

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The story is too old to be commented.