Wolfenstein: The New Order £17.49 on PC

Dealspwn writes: Wolfenstein has made an early assault on my Game of the Year podium thanks to providing a classic bombastic old school shooter experience. There's an outstanding stealth game in there too if you fancy being a bit sneaky. Fantastic replay value is offered by multiple routes, unique skills and loads of treasure to reclaim from the Nazis. The story is way better than I expected too, with a pleasing mix of emotions and grin-inducing one liners. More of this please! Purchasing this download will also get you a place on the upcoming Doom beta.

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Artista 1594d ago

The perks of gaming on PC :)

bggriffiths1594d ago

These prices make me so sad, being a purely console gamer. I don't have the patience / cash to build a decent rig though. Think I'll always prefer just knowing I can put a disc in and it'll play without issue on an Xbox or PlayStation etc. That's what I tell myself at least when pushing my nose against the glass at the Steam sale.

Artista 1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I got rid of all my last gen consoles. All I've got left is a 3DS.

I'm currently weighing my options regarding my main gaming platform in future.

With PC, you rarely run into issues. Once you play it safe with your hardware selections. Intel CPU and Nvidia Card + Steam (which does all the updating of games for you), you'll be fine.

SnakeCQC1593d ago

If you look on ebay or amazon you can find it for around that price

Zichu1593d ago

It says it's £26.24 on the site.

iistuii1593d ago

Up there with the best games I've played this gen, great stuff.

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