Alien: Isolation – 10 Ways To Create The Perfect Experience

With the bitter aftertaste of Aliens: Colonial Marines still lingering on the edge of public consciousness, fans of xenomorphs everywhere are now putting their faith in the efforts of The Creative Assembly. Ignoring the trend of basing all titles off of James Cameron’s famous outing, Alien: Isolation is set to return to the themes of the original film, with the characters fleeing from a single creature they have no way of gunning down.
Drawn to the derelict Sevastopol space station, Amanda Ripley (yes, Ellen’s daughter) is tasked with hunting down the Nostramo’s black box recorder supposedly brought there. However, as they travel deeper into its labyrinth of hostile automatons, malfunctioning systems and broken metal, it soon becomes clear something very inhuman lurks on-board the vessel.

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