Microsoft has a new NFL app for Xbox One and Windows 8

The start of a new NFL season is just around the corner, and Microsoft's been working hard to improve the experience for football fans on the Xbox One. What's different now, among other things, is that the company's NFL application is expected to be ready by Week 1; as opposed to last year, when it showed up in Week 12 because of the timing of the Xbox One's launch.

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NoeLennon1594d ago

Wow, 2 actual responses!! Nice! I was expecting 2 sony fans saying the NFL sucks, and they are glad that sony doesn't give them this crap.

Too bad I'm not a football fan, I wish the NHL would do this!!

Xboner out.

Mikeyy1594d ago

No were just waiting for trufans article about how this will be a game changer.

2pacalypsenow1594d ago

This comment is just as bad as then one you thought you would see

Starbucks_Fan1594d ago

Making stupid comments like that will bring them out

mcstorm1594d ago

Yeah ide love to see a NHL and English Premier league app too. Be good to have the scores flash up etc like it did with the world cup was on.

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spoonard1594d ago

FUCK YEAH! Let the bro-fest begin! <fist bump> <high-five> <chest bump>

AutoCad1594d ago

waiting for the typical ,ill play it on my pc comment lol

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