Aliens, Trolls and Dragons Reveals Giant Spider in New Gameplay

VRFocus - Despite being in the name, Aliens, Trolls and Dragons aren’t the only enemies that players will face in the upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible action title from indie developer Kubold. The experience, which casts players as a soldier stranded on an alien planet that mixes fantasy and sci-fi themes, will include a range of beasts to fight. One such creature is a giant spider, which the developer has recently revealed in a new gameplay video that can be seen below.

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TheUberAsian1567d ago

If I played this, I'd literally have a heart attack

jegheist20141567d ago

spiders nope dragons yes trolls yes anything that real living insect or reptilian or sea creature count me hell out

LightDiego1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

I used to be a troll, not anymore. Now i can remember the days with VR.