Pocket Gamer review: Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures DS

Indiana Jones is fond of reminding his students that, "We never follow maps to buried treasure and 'X' never, ever marks the spot." But this cliché for successful treasure hunting is exactly the method that eventually leads Indy to the Holy Grail in the third, and arguably best, of the Indiana Jones movies. It's an important lesson in sticking to a tried and tested formula and exploiting something that's right under your nose.

And in combining the resonant childhood world of Lego with equally powerful movie licences, Traveller's Tales has something of a Holy Grail in its hands: a series of games that deliver massive sales with simple, strong and wholesome gameplay to boot. When the entire Star Wars saga was Lego-fied we couldn't get enough, but if anything Lego Indiana Jones is consistently better than its predecessors.

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