Interactivity Not Technology is The Way Forward examines whether or not it should be interactivity and not technological grunt power that should be the focus of next generation consoles. The article looks at good examples were games have developed an interactive experience and why features such as EAs Game Face could prove a success in the future.

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t0mmyb0y1266d ago

I agree, but the level of interactivity wouldn't be there without the technology.

uth111266d ago

yeah but whenever we bump up the technology, it seems like all people ever want to use it for ever more FPS and higher resolutions, more effects, rather than improved game mechanics.

Roccetarius1266d ago

When you say improved game mechanics, do you mean gimmicks like a certain tablet, or something else?

Because right now, we have more problems than the already tried and true mechanics.

uth111266d ago

well like for starters, they will give you these huge open worlds where there isn't much to interact with. In a city, you can't enter the buildings, etc, lots of objects are placed there and are just props with no function. Just imagine an open world where everything can be interacted with.

It would take a lot of work, but this is where I'd like to see the effort spent.

Spore_7771266d ago

Precisely. Great technological improvement can lead to a wider selection of unique and original interactivity. However, the inspiration for the technological leaps should be new innovative interactive experiences.

Roccetarius1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Unless you're talking about Otherland interactive, then it's best to keep it out for now.