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Submitted by john2 551d ago | screenshot

Skyrim - New Custom Characters Show Incredible Details

DSOGaming writes: "One of the reasons we want games to be ‘moddable’ is because gamers and modders can come up with some amazing ideas. Last week, we focused on Skyrim’s amazing modded environments and today we present you some spectacular custom characters." (PC, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

NukaCola  +   551d ago
These look good. Doesn't even really look like Skyrim anymore
Timesplitter14  +   551d ago | Well said
It looks good but I'm getting pretty sick of those doll-like characters. Feels like Skyrim has become the new Second Life, where socially inept people go to jack off to wierd shit
FamilyGuy  +   551d ago
They look like they're made of clay or something, some have a completely different look though but all are pretty high quality. That hooded man actually looks like the guy from Arrow that plays the green arrow.
UnHoly_One  +   551d ago
They all look like Dead or Alive girls.

It's been "Japan-ified".
MrTimesplitters  +   551d ago
ABizzel1  +   551d ago
I love some of these screens, they give you a glimpse of what next-gen versions of popular franchises could look like.

Obviously Dead or Alive


Assassin's Creed (Unity)

Ninja Gaiden....(well at least GOW can look that good)
bunfighterii  +   550d ago
Lol well said.
Zeniix  +   551d ago
some pics look like they're taken from some kind of CGI trailer, crazy if you think about it, wonder how stuff will look like in the next fallout/elderscrolls ^^.
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thehobbyist  +   551d ago
"One of the reasons we want games to be ‘moddable’ is because gamers and modders can come up with some amazing ideas."

Yes, but when it's like Skyrim and it has fundamental problems(Old engine, bad geometry, muddy textures, shallow combat system) and it relies on mods to fix that, that's not right. Companies should follow the lead of games like Left4Dead2 when it comes to mods.

The base game is near flawless, with some balancing issues they patched later. And the mods merely enhance the experience instead of needing mods to MAKE the experience.
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DragonKnight  +   551d ago
Bethesda knows they can get free labor from the modding community, they don't care to put out a complete product if they'll just have people fix their incomplete product for them anyway.
aliengmr  +   551d ago
Claiming that Skyrim is "incomplete" is ridiculous. It not the apex of perfection, but Bethesda did put a LOT work into it. Saying otherwise is just foolish.
DragonKnight  +   551d ago
It is incomplete. The bugs are inexcusable by themselves, but the Radiant A.I. is atrocious, the storyline is incredibly anti-climactic, the player's impact on the world is pretty much nil, the combat is bare bones. You're telling me that's a complete game? You're telling me that a game that has dragon's flying backwards and in twisted form, a game that you can carry through a civil war and end it but every person you come across thinks it's still going on, a game where you defeat the boss and people act like nothing happened sounds like a complete game to you?

Face facts. The only thing Bethesda worked on to completion was the map. They use and reuse assets from passed games all the time, they use and reuse old engines, they pour all their efforts into the size of the game and leave everything else woefully underdeveloped.
aliengmr  +   551d ago
Yeah, I'm telling you its a complete game. Not a perfect game, but a complete one. By your definition few, if any, games are "complete".

It's fair to criticize Skyrim for its failings like any other game, but to call it "incomplete" and suggest Bethesda phoned in the development is absurd.
DragonKnight  +   551d ago
Then you don't know what a complete game is. A complete game isn't just a game you can beat from start to finish. Skyrim has incomplete Radiant A.I., the story is way too short, the combat is bare bones, it's an incomplete game.
neogeo  +   551d ago
Even without the mods do you know Skyrim has now 11 offical patches and updates? If Bethesda was so lazy they would not have keep working on the game to fix bugs for over a year of updates. Go download the Vanilla version now for PC and look how good it runs without mods.
DragonKnight  +   551d ago
neogeo: They wouldn't need to have 11 patches if they'd have done the job right the first time now would they? And even with their patches, the job is still not done. AND, if they DIDN'T patch the game they'd definitely be sued in a class action suit for releasing a game with so many game breaking bugs. I don't give credit to developers for doing what they're supposed to do, which is release a complete game that functions.
DrRobotnik  +   551d ago
I agree with dragonknight on this one. I'm the kind of gamer that likes to immerse myself in the games I played. After I beat one of the faction, I was expecting a story for them all to come together and fight a true enemy...nope. Then when I defeated the final boss, I thought I would be hailed as a hero by all...nope. Just greeted by NPC saying the same preprogrammed jargon. The game would lead you on these epic side stories too, but to little or no effect to rest of the world. Games will have there glitches, that's OK. It can be patched. But when a game from 1991 (Mega man X) changes the landscape and enemies of certain stages depending on which bosses you defeat. I say there is no excuse to have a 2011 game add a few extra min of dialogue to make the NPC's act like they give a shit.
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DragonKnight  +   551d ago
@DrRobotnik: Exactly what you said. You, as the protagonist, seemingly make no discernible impact on the land if you judge it by the reactions from the NPC characters. And worse still, your decisions have nearly no consequences, none if you're talking about factions that you join.

You can join and become the leader of every group without anyone caring. In fact, there is only ONE character in the whole game that even mentions anything about you being a part of 2 groups and that's Delvin Malory.

If you join the Thieves Guild and do some quests, and then join the Dark Brotherhood and get to the part of that story line where you have to go to the Thieves Guild to talk to Delvin, he'll say "Oh, so you're one of them now are you?" Or something to that effect. In hundreds of hours of gameplay, that is the only instance I can think of where the Radiant A.I. actually responds how you'd expect it to.

Other than that, you get to be the Archmage of the College and the mentor of the Companions at the same time with no consequences and no acknowledgement of the complete disparity between the groups. You can be the Guild Master of the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood's Listener, a member of the Nightingales, and either a Legate in the Imperial Legion or the equivalent in the Stormcloaks and no one gives a damn.

How can anyone consider that to be a complete game? Your actions mean literally nothing to the people of the game. That's not a complete experience.
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Blacklash93  +   550d ago
I'd hardly call an open-ended game (with about a 3-year development cycle) that contains several dozens of hours of free-roam content, without mods or DLC, incomplete.

There are major shortcomings and issues, but the game is well-featured. The main quest is short and anticlimactic, but it is a complete story. (Bethesda has never been big on storylines, really.) The NPCs are unreactive idiots, but they do populate the towns and offer quests and activities, fulfilling their role. The game may have a lot of bugs, but so does most every large, ambitious RPG. Or are we suggesting Obsidian, Bioware, and CDPR don't have similar histories with major bugs and technical clunkiness? It has its disappointments and underwhelming aspects, but overall it does have all the features in place to be called a complete experience. The games still offers a ton to explore, discover, unlock, loot, and accomplish. Content that, altogether, clearly took a lot of time and effort to create.
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DragonKnight  +   550d ago
The scope of the game has nothing to do with its completion, especially when the basics of the game aren't finished. I keep referencing the Radiant A.I. because Bethesda tried to convince everyone of how great it was but it wasn't. Bethesda's clear focus was chiefly on the map, just making the biggest came they can make. Everything else received the bare minimum attention they could give it. That's why cooking is pointless, that's why the combat is so simplistic and lacks weight, that's none of the story material is even important and people derive more enjoyment out of making the game what they want it to be rather than playing it for what it is.

If the game were a complete experience, then there would be no community driven mods to make it a more complete experience.
Blacklash93  +   549d ago
You can argue any game RPG isn't finished that way. Bugs? Stupid AI? Balance issues? Small side-features that aren't very useful? A number of short and underdeveloped missions? Literally almost every western-developed AAA RPG and open-world game has every single one of those. Most of which are far smaller and less detailed than Skyrim.

And no, the modding community doesn't mean the game is incomplete. Large communities of modders always add new features and improve existing features for all supported games. It happened with Dark Souls, Dragon Age, The Witcher, and New Vegas. It's also happened with every Bethesda game ever. Skyrim could be the greatest game of all time and that would remain true.

Modders do not as often create quest content, much less full-quality quests that fit well with the main package, so Bethesda couldn't possibly rely on them. And ultimately, only a fraction of the players use mods in the first place.

My point is that, no matter the quality or shortcomings, Skyrim is a full-featured game that offers a complete experience in itself. There is still the large open-world, builds to choose from, many stats and perks, many quests, many NPCs to talk to, loot to discover, dungeons to explore, companions, home bases, diverse creatures to slay, and things to craft. It's the full deal, despite its shortcomings.
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user5669510  +   551d ago
i wouldnt call the base game perfect most of the mods fix the gameplay and gave it more dept
Amorist89  +   551d ago
Surely game companies should be head hunting these modders. Those improvements are incredible.
ravinash  +   551d ago
Why pay them for it when you know they will do it for free?
Amorist89  +   551d ago
A valid point - shame that's how things workout :(
Scizz  +   551d ago
PC isn't the only platform for Bethesda games. Where are the modders for consoles, they could use the talent to sell their game elsewhere.
Paprika  +   551d ago
But they are enhancing their game as a fan service, surely that only makes the original Bethesda shipped game look worse?
Timesplitter14  +   551d ago
it's not like the 3D artists at Bethesda aren't able to do things like this. They could, if they wanted to, but they have deadlines to respect and hardware specs to target for a large audience. Bethesda doesn't want only the most top-tier PCs to be able to run their game
ShowGun901  +   550d ago
look at crisis 1s sales for confirmation of this... only top teir machines could run it, and it sold like crap.

only thing it was good for was pic gallery articles like these.
SaveFerris  +   551d ago
Why is it that games like Skyrim don't look as good as this right out of the box? I'm not saying modders shouldn't exist though, nor am I suggesting that graphics are everything.
Petro  +   551d ago
Usually the reason is the time given to a artist per model, you wont have enough time to do a perfect model with perfect textures. It rarely is about talent, as the guys working at these big companies are ace.
WalterWJR  +   551d ago
Because in 2011 nobody had the GPU power to run this level graphics.
thehobbyist  +   551d ago
My GTX480 card can run all the mods needed to put this showcase together.

The GTX480 was released in 2010.
DC777  +   551d ago
while thehobbyist is right, don't forget they develop these games far ahead of their release (thus being made on older tech). With a whopping 500mb of ram the old consoles would probably set on fire with these types of mods as would a majority of pc's from the age they started developing the game at.
ShowGun901  +   550d ago
mods like these are made to see how far you can push it.

games are made to run at limited specs.

Revengeance  +   551d ago
Simply mind-blowing. The difference between unmodded and modded is like night and day.
Paprika  +   551d ago
Insane, these are the best character models I've seen! Really great work, DSO gaming are the best by a long shot!
strangeaeon  +   551d ago
Big..effing..woop. Its as impressive as some jackass showing off their Poser skills.
Paprika  +   551d ago
But.... they release it for the public to use.... for free also, I think! This is quality content which deserves recognition. Crytek are posers...
BiggerBoss  +   551d ago
I have a legitimate question. Would the game even be playable with these mods? Of course they look amazing, but can you activate them and continue to play the game regularly?
aliengmr  +   551d ago

You would likely need a high end rig for the high end ENB stuff, but even toned down ENB looks great. When I say "high-end" I mean max effects, the absolute highest setting with 4k textures everywhere. That'll require a "high-end" (NOT top of the line) rig.

That's just for the lighting though. The rest is completely playable.
kantenkopf  +   551d ago
Even playable on a midrange rig if you're ok with 30 fps average.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   551d ago
Some shots look like some Korean MMO lol. This doesn't even look like Skyrim anymore.
TripC50  +   551d ago
Belly button hype.
TripC50  +   551d ago
Navel combat
TripC50  +   551d ago
Nice one bro
TripC50  +   551d ago
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TripC50  +   551d ago
Stop talking to yourselves nerds!
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totalrecoilzz  +   551d ago
well i game on everything pc ps4 etc and all i can say is the best graphics ive seen to date is the last of us its amazing i still cant believe its a ps3 ported game its just unreal and a great game too.
Salooh  +   551d ago
Uncharted 4 will be even more beautiful. It will have the best graphics eveeeer :D.

The sand in uncharted 3 is still the best ever created , even pc don't have it , not because it can't do it , it's just that it require an awesome studio like Naughty dog that have really great developers to achieve something like that at these times ..

Wish Naughty dog make games for pc , that would be unbelievable . No limit at all + deep game = Bigger then masterpieces :D ..
tee_bag242  +   551d ago
TLOU while beautiful is merely a corridor game. Wake me up when Naughty Dogs make a open world game.
kantenkopf  +   551d ago
Don't think your really playing on a good gaming PC if you're saying the best you ever saw was TLOU on PS4 in terms of graphics. BF4 on Ultra and Crysis 3 maxed out look way better than this port.
tee_bag242  +   550d ago
Very true. Crysis 3, Metro, and even oldies like Farcry 3 running on a well oiled PC absolutely annihilate TLOU.
Any while we're on the topic. Watchdogs with TheWorse 1.0 patch is amazing too
isarai  +   551d ago
They look nice but they really don't fit in with the rest of the world.
BigBosss  +   551d ago
im sick of these skyrim mods, i would rather play it normal, it don't look like skyrim no more.
aliengmr  +   551d ago
Not all mods are like that, which is why there quite a few "lore friendly" mods to choose from.

They don't get near as much hype as the TnA stuff, but its quality stuff.

Believe me, if you knew all the mods that were available, you wouldn't want to play vanilla.
DiscoKid  +   551d ago
What's up with these animu dolls?
Wni0  +   551d ago
Oh nice statues!
aLiEnViSiToR  +   551d ago
lol this is going to be over 9000 soon !!!
Twiggy  +   551d ago
I can see very socially awkward people making these rather pornographic doll like women, I mean c'mon, is that armour or a bunch of bikini's?

That aside, fantastic models graphic wise, I was never huge on Skyrim.. much prefer the Fallout games, but these are very well made.
the_mack_attack3  +   550d ago
Hands up if you pressed the article for the featured image...
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peshkavusCA  +   550d ago
Guilty here... /smh

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