Shawn's Top 10 game franchises that need to end

There are a ton of game franchises out there that just keep having games pumped out. Most of these we don’t ask for, but we keep buying them. As a result, they keep making them. This is a list of the 10 franchises that need to end. Or at least end for a long enough time to give fans time to really appreciate them and maybe for the publishers to really appreciate the fans. Some of these on this list Shawn used to love and others Shawn always hated. Either way, they all have gone past their prime and like an aging sports star, they need to either ride the bench for a while or outright retire.

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LightDiego1512d ago

This guy must hates Nintendo. Terrible article.

dotwithshoes1511d ago

You know, just from his paragraph about Zelda proves it's a terrible article, and lacking facts. I agree with you totally, terrible.

kalkano1512d ago

The Final Fantasy series did end, after 10. If you're referring to their new franchise that is parading around with the corpse of Final Fantasy grotesquely draped over it...yes, it needs to end. Then, they need to revive Final Fantasy.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1511d ago

Eeeee, Final Fantasy XI wasn't too bad. Neither was Final Fantasy XII, the only real problem with XII was weak characters and stuff. Now Final Fantasy XIII was a mess all three parts of it, it just kept dragging on and on. And from what we have heard XIV at least the Realm Reborn part of it is suppose to be very good.

Also, a few of the spinoffs of Final Fantasy have been pretty good as well. But overall Final Fantasy needs some serious work if Square wants to save the franchise and stuff.

Dying_Jester1511d ago

While I very much enjoyed 12, I will agree that after 10 the series changed quite a bit.

Spotie1511d ago

The series changes quite a bit after every game, and the most drastic changes have always been at the start of a new generation.

kalkano1511d ago

^ I'm ok with change. I'm not ok with completely changing genres.

Dying_Jester1511d ago

I definitely think that sports games should only come out a few times each console and instead be given patches or DLC with each new season.
Legend of Zelda I think is spread out well enough with just enough changes to avoid franchise fatigue. Mario, however should be spaced out some more.

dotwithshoes1511d ago

The thing about "releasing 5 mario games a year", like the article states, is that they are not all the same game. If we look at the past, New Super Mario Bros is not like Super Mario Galaxy, which is not like Mario Kart, which is not like Mario Super Sluggers, which is not like Mario Golf. Just because they all carry the same main character doesn't make them the same game. It's moronic fanboys who are blind to this fact that spout off constantly that they are.

HentaiMasterRace1511d ago

I understand the others(although I don't agree), but why Mario? Mario is an iconic character to all of gaming.

KakashiHotake1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

I agree with some points in the article, however Call of Duty Advance Warfare looks legit, and I would also take Zelda off the list. Everything else I agree with. A trend I have noticed over the years is it seems like the Japanese only know how to milk franchises now. Seriously what is the last original game any of the Japanese companies have made? It's like they're stuck in 1990's Super Nintendo/ PS1 era minus the innovation. That's just how far back those games go. Capcom has made well over 20 Street Fighters, Square has close to 20 Final Fantasies, that's just insane. I also agree it's time for Sega to put Sonic to rest. I used to love Sonic, but at this point they're just killing the legacy. Well Sega is publishing Alien isolation and that looks promising but other than that I have seen anything new from the Jap studios in a long long time, and that's too bad because the Japanese have some of the most creative imaginations.

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