EDGE Review: LostWinds

Nintendo speaks of WiiWare giving birth to ideas that would stall under the more demanding eye of a publisher; few of the finished titles fit the bill so perfectly as LostWinds.

An all-new IP, based on a concept submitted to Frontier's 'Game of the Week' forum and an idea closest to a proven commercial failure, Okami, this is not the type of game we have grown accustomed to on Wii, yet exactly the type of game the console deserves.

It is hard to talk of LostWinds without mentioning Capcom's white wolf, though the comparison is a tad unfair. Alone, Ameratsu was a force to be reckoned with, empowered further with the celestial brush. In Toku, the chibi hero of this piece, we find little more than a camera on legs, absolutely in need of the player-directed elements to survive and proceed...

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Metal Gear Solid 4 8/10 ( Probable Game of this year )