Study Proves Game Transfer Phenomena

So a study has appeared on Gamespot claiming a new phenomena! Apparently there is something new out there called “Game Transfer Phenomenon.” Game Transfer Phenomenon is when gamers manifest themselves in visual and auditory responses for a long period of time aka gaming.

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1noobgamer1568d ago

So apparently, that scratching sound you hear in your war is actually locus from GoW

bmf73641567d ago

Or that rattling you see during an earthquake reminds you to press X to continue the intense sex QTE in GoW.

sweendog1567d ago

I ate some mushrooms once, then I kicked the crap out of a turtle. Is this the same thing?

MegaRay1567d ago

Study harder next time

Donnywho1567d ago

It gets easier the older you get. I've put myself into some crazy places in the past playing a game for almost 48 hours. (with plenty of eating, washing, moving around breaks) It's really comparable to taking LSD after a while, you're just on a ride and it's gonna end whenever it ends. I had to train myself slowly to drop the game thoughts as I lay down the controller, it doesn't always work.

sweendog1567d ago

When I was in the navy I had around a week away from home with nothing to do so I played the hell out of skyrim. Put around 100 hours into it. One afternoon I walked over to the galley to get some scran and a fox walked across my path. I instantly wanted to reach for my bow. I felt really stupid, but I was more angry with myself. That fox pelt could have come in handy

Redgehammer1567d ago

Sleep deprivation is a surreal trip through being awake, without the sensory overload of video games. I average about 25 hours, a week, of sleep. In my waking hours, I will sleep roll, in my wheel chair, and find myself in parts of my house that I don't remember going to. In regards to games, I have been seeing the images of games, and hearing sounds, of what I recently played, since the Atari, but only after a few hours of playing the same game.

SheriffCrazy1567d ago

I have had times where I have played a game so long I can hear sound effect. I think coins or ring noises. I have had tetris syndrome several times. I haven't had a visual hallucination or wanted to repeat an action from a game before, as far as I know. However I have entertained the idea for fun sometimes.

I guess after playing Burnout 3: Takedown I have fantasized ramming cars off the road. Never did that though! Luckily :P

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The story is too old to be commented.