Deadly Creatures - Gameplayer Preview

In retrospect, if someone had have told us that we were about to come face-to-face with a creepy crawly scorpion, and a tarantula big enough to eat a small dog, we probably would have taken time out to tuck our pants into our socks and pull on some precautionary brown underpants.

Deadly Creatures is a brand new creepy-crawly-fest from talented developers Rainbow Studios, a group well known for their stellar work on the MX vs. ATV series. Now before your brain can spit out an image of a spider busting out superman airs on a motorbike while a competing ATV riding scorpion tries to sting his way to the chequered flag, you should probably know that Deadly Creatures is a game that's more 'Discovery Channel meets Japanese Bug Fights meets a free roaming 3d brawler' than racer.

Recovering from our earlier fainting episode we played a few levels to see how the playable Scorpion character handled. Holding the A button locked us onto an enemy spider and after we closed the distance with astonishing speed using the analogue stick, we began our assault by flicking the Wii-mote horizontally to execute an epic sweeping tail attack.

It was a truly satisfying leg sweep manoeuvre that was made even more impressive because our opponent had eight legs to sweep. After creating an opening in the arachnid's defences using some light pincer attack combos we dealt out some massive damage by stabbing the Wii-mote towards the screen to plunge our stinger barb into our unworthy opponent. Funnily enough Mr Spider didn't feel like living after that shot...

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