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Star Wars Battlefront 3 Release Date, PS4, Xbox One, PC Update: New Game Set For 2015 Release

Breathe Cast: "The highly anticipated 'Star Wars: Battlefront 3' will not be entirely related to the upcoming film, 'Star Wars: Episode VII'. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts (EA) has confirmed that 'Star Wars: Battlefront 3' is slated for a Summer 2015 release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC." (PC, PS4, Star Wars: Battlefront III, Xbox One)

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gamerhecz  +   364d ago
My prayers have been answered after so many years. :D
BiggerBoss  +   364d ago
YES. Since the ps2 days I've wanted a new battlefront and when it was announced I almost peed myself. I just hope dice doesn't turn it into battlefield with a Star Wars skin
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CorndogBurglar  +   364d ago
But...the previous Battlefront games were very similar to Battlefield games of that time. The only real difference was that you could be hero type characters in some missions. But for the most part it was just two teams with a limited amiunt of "tickets" and you had to capture command points throughout the map. The more you had, the quicker the enemy's tickets drained. They also drained every time someone died.

So yeah, Battlefron has always been very much like Battlefield. I'm not sure where people get the idea that it wasn't.
Rimeskeem  +   364d ago
The first thing they said was that they are trying to make it NOT battlefield with a Star Wars skin
guitarded77  +   364d ago
Amen. I was one of the LucasArts forum peeps who chased every rumor and leak and cancellation. I just HOPE (no pun intended, I hate puns) DICE keeps it a 3rd person focused shooter. I know there was a first person option, but SWBF was meant to be played in 3rd person to take in all the epicness.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   364d ago

Similar game modes but battlefront was SOCOM in a Star Wars universe.

If it is a 3rd person game I'm all in, if it's a 1st person shooter I'll pass.
guitarded77  +   364d ago
I wouldn't compare Battlefront to SOCOM at all. I think games like Warhawk/Starhawk copied the Star Wars Battlefront formula a bit. SWBF really concentrated on Zones/Capture and Hold, just in every nerd's favorite universe. SOCOM was very objective oriented, and traditionally one kill and you're out. Like Counter Strike kinda.
Chrischi1988  +   364d ago
Be patient guys, this is EA we are talking about. They are the masters destroying franchises. Just like Command and Conquer Generals 2... they just cancelled it...
GamingSinceThe80s  +   364d ago
Don't get your hopes to high.This is just the first date before it gets delayed at least 3 times pushing it back to late 2016 and thats being hopeful.
Qrphe  +   364d ago
starchild  +   364d ago
And how do you know this?
warczar  +   364d ago
The battlefront games were delayed because Lucas Arts was run by an a-hole who sabotaged his development teams on a regular bases. Lucas Arts doesn't have anything to do with this game so it should come out close to its release date.
tdog125  +   364d ago
I would not believe that this game is coming summer of 2015 this is the only website that is reporting this
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TripC50  +   364d ago
I only pray for peace on earth and Battle Front 3... That's about it.
arabiensoldier  +   364d ago
Where did EA announce this? No one is questioning the source ?
assdan  +   364d ago
What I'm worried about is i's just going to be future battlefield. Battlefront had classes that were incredibly diverse, and I'm hoping it remains the same.
3-4-5  +   364d ago
Summer Release in 2015 to go along with the Movie that is releasing around same time. Awesome.
quantae06  +   364d ago
I'm ready! Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Playstation 2 was the first full game I played online with. My first online experience definitely went well. I had some good times with it. I'm pick this one up for PC. :)
KnightRobby  +   364d ago
This info is unfortunately outdated. The game is set to release alongisde Episode VII around December 2015, not Summer 2015.
Nathan170  +   364d ago
Seems too soon.Let's hope it's not delayed.
elazz  +   364d ago
Let's hope they worked long and hard for this game for the release to be more or less flawless and that it will exceed expectations!
Nathan170  +   364d ago
I've seen so many games delayed this gen that I become a bit pessimistic.
Furthermore,almost nothing of this game has been show to the public.Probably at gamescom...
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Neixus  +   364d ago
Your comment contradicts itself. You say it seems too soon, and hopes it will not be delayed?
Nathan170  +   364d ago
Because I think the game is coming too soon It has possibilities of being delayed but I hope that's not the case.
Maybe it wasn't the best combination of words...
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Debaitable  +   364d ago
Yeah I think it's too soon myself. I don't see why they can't delay to put more work on it. It would be a better release if it coincides with the movie and holidays.
tdog125  +   364d ago
Don't expect is summer 2015 till we get actual confirmation from a trailer
Majin-vegeta  +   364d ago
Well this is from last year.

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Majin-vegeta  +   364d ago
cant wait to snipe me some ewoks.I still have nightmares of them from SWBF2.
Neixus  +   364d ago
Hopefully they'll show Titanfall how to correctly have npcs in online matches.

Would be so cool if a random ewok invasion happened in the middle of a online match, that fought both teams lol :D
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jagermaster619  +   364d ago
F@ck yes! I'm about as hard as a diamond in an ice storm right about now!!!
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Black_Adam88  +   364d ago
2015 release date and yet not too much info or videos of gameplay now...with the way this gen has been going im predicting a delay.
Black_Adam88  +   364d ago
i have seen that video but what i am saying is that is still very little information and very little gameplay imo. with the way this gen has been im expecting a delay but if there is no delay you wont see complaining from me unless the game could have been improved from one.
cfc83  +   364d ago
Doubt it would be released in summer. I'd say oct 2015 or march 2016.
BiggerBoss  +   364d ago
I just hope it's not FPS. I really want it to stick to battlefronts roots at least a little bit. 3rd person with multiple character classes to choose from etc.
Harmy666  +   364d ago
It will probably be like the original, 3rd person, but with 1st person optional. It would be nice to see an improved FPS factor to it, but they definitely need to keep the 3rd person
Majin-vegeta  +   364d ago
Both options 1st and 3rd.All classes with no loadout options
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i8urCAKE  +   364d ago
I shall celebrate this news by masturbating
e-p-ayeaH  +   364d ago
2016 at best when episode 7 comes out
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GamingSinceThe80s  +   364d ago
There is a better chance Sony releases The Last Guardian tomorrow than this game coming out next summer.lol
stormplyr  +   364d ago
I agree. EA will want to release around then to take advantage of the movies hype and advertising.
Chriscrinkle18  +   364d ago
Episode 7 is out in December 2015
danny818  +   364d ago
This will be 100% Delayed or im hoping. Should it release this year we should of had some sort of teaser or gameplay not some sketches and developer commentary like we had at E3. Hope fully its not buggy but knowing EA this will be pushed forsure for a 2016 release date
Amorist89  +   364d ago
This may across as a bit small minded to some people but this game is one of very few next generation titles I am genuinely excited about. Loved the PS2 releases and recently purchased the 2nd Battlefront on the PSP.

One of those experiences where the single player and multiplayer are just so damn fun!
TheEternalGamer  +   364d ago
i hope it will be a Ps4 Exclusive. But atlas Microsoft likes to play dirty and pay off developers to make games match the Xbox One version holding the PS4 Version back. Maybe when Microsoft finally leaves this industry we will finally get back on what its supposed to be.

The more consoles you sell the more games you have exclusive to your platform. not the most money someone has to pay off the developer to keep it from going exclusive. #GoHomeMicrosoft
MrKrispy  +   364d ago
Your officially an idiot fanboy troll so how do you even know that they will hold back the ps4 version when they will most likey be exactly the same or do you just imagine in your fanboy world that every ps4 game is held back
TheEternalGamer  +   364d ago
Xbox one is weaker then the PS4. Microsoft doesn't like that. They will over pay and spoil these developers rotten to make sure the parity is not that significant. Even though back in the day if your version of the game was missing something you had to DEAL WITH IT! Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis are a perfect example of this. So get over it. Just because the Xbox One is less powerful doesn't mean it should hold back other consoles from their fool potential. if you knew anything about gaming then you would know it has always worked with
-The more consoles sold the more exclusives you will see for a platform
- The more powerful a console is the better the games will be on that platform versus the others

It has happened in the past. But since Microsoft doesn't like an "unfair" playing field they will cheat and lie their way through this industry in order to succeed. Why do you think Nintendo is being shafted? Wii U is outselling the Xbox One? Why should they miss out on Third Party titles? Xbox One is the one that should be missing out on these great Third Party games not Nintendo or Sony. neither of them. But because of Microsoft they want to pay off developers and spoil them rotten. With Sega, Sony or Nintendo you never got this issue. Everything was as it should.
the more powerful platform got the best versions and the least powerful platform got the crappy ports and all that. But Microsoft? No they hate it when their not in a good position.

Look at the Ps3 last generation. it was the more powerful hardware difficult to program for but more powerful. yes? 360 got the better ports and better third party versus the PS3? Why should Sony get shafted last generation but not Microsoft getting shafted this generation? Xbox one is selling like crap versus the other two, its least powerful, etc why should they continue to get these third party games and all these? hmmm? Its not fair to Sony and certaintly not fair to Nintendo. Micrsoft are a bunch of lying scumbags who will cheat their way through anythign if they wanted. Sony and Nintendo both deserve what they deserve and Microsoft isn't letting them get their fair share of the pie.
Wizard_King  +   364d ago
By your retarded logic this game should only be on PC because we don't want consoles gimping up what could be an epic PC exclusive, 4k all the way!


what a fucking retard. TheEternalGamer, more like TheEternalFuckingRetard
TheEternalGamer  +   363d ago
PC isn't a console and its irrelevant when it comes to talking about consoles. you like PC? fine. But its not apart of the console discussion. go away you tool. also you are getting reported and down bubbled for immaturity and unnecessary use of inappropriate words. If you can't follow the rules then get out, no one wants your immaturity here.
Destiny1080  +   364d ago
I now there using the battlefield engine to speed up development and also battlefields animations and character models and all the vehicles but I do hope its not too much like battlefield
scott1234678  +   364d ago
Some of my best gaming memorys were playing battlefront with a friend on ps2. No doubt this will be a first day buy for me!!
tdog125  +   364d ago
Don't believe this till we get news from a trailer or something more offical
CervantesPR  +   364d ago
Make it a third person shooter please
--bienio--  +   364d ago
jcnba28  +   364d ago
Okay so it's slated for summer 2015 that really means winter 2015.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   364d ago
Finally there will be something to look forward to in the summer. Hopefully it doesn't get delayed.
LightDiego  +   364d ago
I would be excited, but it's a Dice game. What about a new Kotor or at least a remake of the two games for this generation?
InTheZoneAC  +   364d ago
if they can do battlefield with a star wars skin AND WITHOUT THE RETARDED AIM ASSIST it would be one of the greatest FPS of all time.

I do enjoy it as a 3rd person shooter, but most TPS need to be tactical like Socom. Casual TPS gets old quick, I'm hoping battlefront doesn't fall into that play for a minute then quit it.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   364d ago
ohhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Wni0  +   364d ago
Looking forward to the inevitable delay till spring 2016!
Chaoticmoon  +   364d ago
So does this mean that Battlefield might take a year off?
neiT720  +   364d ago
That is good . It'll be even better if Republic Commando and Jedi Knight new entries are to be announced .
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Arturo84  +   364d ago
man I cant wait to see the trailer showing the destruction of Star Wars maps maybe have one in Jabbas Palace where you shoot the floor gate enough it makes a hole to the Rancor pit
Gore-Content  +   364d ago
Let's see if dice can deliver something other than battlefield.
mochachino  +   364d ago
Too many major games in 2015. If a Dev would release in fall 2014 they'd make a killing. As it stands, they'll all be competing with each other. Many gamers will just wait for a price drop for a lot of great games. You only have time for so many, no point buying six to seven games all at once.

By the time I buy a lot of games that I would have bought day 1 they'll be discounted.

Right now I'd buy any decent next-gen game come to think about. The summer drought is in full effect and besides destiny, and the yearly sequels, there's not much for 2014.
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boneso82  +   364d ago
New releases coming fall 2014 (Not yearly sequels):

Alien Isolation
Dragon Age Inquisition
Far Cry 4
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel
The Evil Within

These are just the ones I am interetsed in and will be buying, that's plenty to keep me busy this year.

Let's fill up every year with games, including 2015, delays are unfortunate but it does mean that 2015 will be a hell of a year for gaming!
mochachino  +   364d ago
Thanks for the list, had no idea FC4 and Dragon Age were releasing this year!
boneso82  +   363d ago
No problem, glad you have something to look forward to this year now :)
SuperSandLegend  +   364d ago
DICE please don't screw this up. I'm begging you!
Emme  +   364d ago
Wii U, please !!!
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