H1Z1 Will Have Female Characters Added To Early Access

SOE's lead character director Matt Broome reveals that females will be in H1Z1 and also describes what sort of attire they will have as well as the general theme of how females will be portrayed in the game.

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Abash1599d ago

I just want this playable on PS4 already

thejigisup1598d ago

The sooner this happens the sooner I'll give a crap about female playable characters. Unless the story really differs based on the gender of my main character I don't care guy or girl so long as it looks nice and plays nicer.

Starks1599d ago

lol I can't believe this is now news. F*** Anita Sarkeesian.

iNFAMOUZ11598d ago

as if the twitch day z females arent attention whores as it is, most top are women, desperate di**s seeking a females attention that will never happen beyond net

Vantage1598d ago

Calling attention to Sarkeesian in this instance is incorrect. She's so malicious and dishonest that crediting her with the inclusion of playable women in games brings her too much legitimacy. Having male and female character options is standard with character creation and isn't some achievement.

gamernova1598d ago

I don't care. Probably something they wanted to highlight due to the AC situation. I play chicks sometimes in mmos. I played tomb raider and Lara was serious eye candy lol

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