Clash of the (Game Developer) Titans

Head of Ubisoft's studios Christine Burgess-Quémard,. says the firm will still compete with expanding rivals in the midst of industry-wide consolidation. She isn't worried by the huge studio operation that Activision Blizzard will boast once the two are merged and that her company will compete head on with the firm.

With Profits from game development nearing Hollywood movie proportions, The developer world is seeing mergers and takeovers happen on a regular basis.
With Big profit comes big conformity. The corporate approach will mean games that challenge Establishment views becoming the exception rather than the rule.
EA-V-Konami for example. Where EA ditches democracy and extolls the profit motives that can be found in conflicts (Army of Two, battlefield Bad Company, Mercenaries)while Konami's Metal Gear works on the danger and threat of PMC's to democracy.
Do we care about the 'Corporatization' of Game Developers?

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