Ubisoft’s The Division gets some new Sceens

onPause writes:

We are always on the hunt for new images and news for Ubisoft’s open world shooter The Division. We found three new images for the game that show off the in-game map, as well as two of the environments like the subway station and of course the open streets of New York.

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pandehz1297d ago

I sincerely advise Ubi to show low graphics first.

Vegamyster1297d ago

The first one looks average, it's hard to tell because it's a small screenshot. Second one is just the map and the third one looks like concept art.

Randostar1297d ago

The only reason i still have hope for this, is because its not cross gen.

TheOpenWorlder1296d ago

Give up hope and stop believing cross gen bullshit.

mogwaii1297d ago

this is not going to live up to our hopes and the hype, cmon peoplke havnt you learnt your lessons when it comes to anything ubisoft?!

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