Four Movies That Should Be Turned Into Video Games

PSG - Instead of looking forward to movies that we all know are not going to be great, let us look at some movies that could be good video games for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC. These video games can’t be worst than most video game movies right? Here are our top picks for potentially great video games based off a movie.

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PSNews1176d ago

I woud so love 300.. This is madness,madness, THIS IS SPARRTAAA

WeAreLegion1176d ago

The first one was so bad, too. :/

NegativeCreep4271176d ago

Why demand a 300 game...when we have the God of War Saga?

One movie I think that would become a modern-day classic, despite the fact that it's NES videogame incarnation was almost universally panned, is Total Recall. And yes I am referring to the classic original with Arnold, not the piss-ant new version with Colin Farrel.

badboyz091175d ago

Make a Good Spawn Game!

badboyz091175d ago

Make a Good Open-World Spawn Game!

Orpheo1175d ago

There is a "300" video game, "300: March to Glory" was released in 2007 exclusively for Sony's PSP. I think that's what Legion's getting at when he mentions something being bad.

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Hellsvacancy1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Cool article, I was expecting your typical games everyone mentions, it's nice to be surprised

It should of been a top five though, i'll add a fifth game...........

Troll Hunter, it's 3rd person beat em up, you fight off against people like Truefan and Georgeenoob with spiked clubs etc

I'm kidding, I didn't think of that until after, I really mean the REAL Troll Hunter movie, that could make an awesome game

cfc781176d ago

I think Rockstar did a great job with the Warriors i'd love to see what they could do with Escape from New York.

OhMyGandhi1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

They already have a 300 game, called "March to Glory" and it was rather average.

I feel like Kill Bill would be way too similar to Afro Samurai when translated as a videogame. It'd probably be a run of the mill hack and slash. In the right hands though, who knows.

I could get behind an Escape from New York game though...

For me, I'd also like to add Sin City to the list as well.

Saphodravingo1176d ago

'Escape From New York'='Metal Gear Solid'

'300'='God of War'

'Kill Bill'='No More Heroes'

'Hell Raiser'='Silent Hill'

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