Staff leaving Flagship "in droves," says programmer

VG247: Talking on his blog, Flagship audio and gameplay programmer Guy Somberg has admitted that the Hellgate studio has something of a leakage issue.

"So why is work depressing? The reason is that people are leaving. In droves, they're leaving," he said. "We've had programmers, accountants, HR people, and artists leave. The founders are all still around, but they've been floating away from Hellgate to work on various other projects. The only one still actively on Hellgate is Tyler, but Tyler's not programming anymore; he spends all of his time on management activities."

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Genki3836d ago

Some of the brilliant minds who delivered the one-two knock-outs Diablo and Diablo 2 are in disarray.

I guess that just goes to show that without a clear cut vision and god direction, even talented folks will fly blindly.

Bolts3836d ago

Maybe they should focus on making games for the Asian market more. For whatever reasons games that bomb in the US can sometime be a big hit over there.

Genki3836d ago

Whatever works though, but do you have any examples?