The Best and Worst of the PlayStation Vita's Remote Play

Possibly the first of it's kind on the web, one of the guys at Middle of Nowhere Gaming took the time to make a list of games worth playing and others worth avoiding on PlayStation Vita's remote play!

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hkgamer1596d ago

great article, seemed like the person actually experienced it instead of just repeating what others have said and making an article like every other site posted on here.

C-H-E-F1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Yeah, but infamous was sooo WRONG... you can remap the buttons to the back touch pad.. (I did it and it was comfy) I do agree that with the buttons being on the front touch screen it was pretty bad... but those buttons are remappable. Just simply boot the game in remote play, if you switch mid game to the vita then it will have the front screen touch... you can go in the menu and change but to avoid that I just booted the game in remote play.

WD I agree was bad actually this was the only game i've played so far (and i've played EVERY GAME) to date on the PS4 except COD and this game was the only game that looked washed and I didn't enjoy playing it remotely lasted about 20min. and I just played it on the tv.

NFS Rivals was really good remotely, I don't think it was mediocre actually got my platinum off of the vita, (First game I played remotely on the ps4). I think the 30fps was really great choice from EA because vita streams at 30fps so there was no lag input.

BF I disagree as well, didn't encounter any issues with it... (running comcast at 75mbs) and I must say that I had no issues... the only real problem was seeing snipers at a distance on that screen opposed to on my 65" TV.

other than those three I agree, also i'd like to add that I think Knack is definitely an underrated game. I think everyone should give it a try hopefully it comes to ps plus so you all can see it for yourself instead of judging from others opinion.

I'm not home currently at the office i'm going to pm you so when I get home I can help you with that... but yeah my "special" buttons were on the back touch pad...

when you are at this menu while under remote play it shows the vita and on the left side it gave the option to use touchscreen or touchpad for those controls that was linked... sorry i'm not much help I hacen't played this game since the release date (after platinum) but i'll def. boot it back up for you when I get home later tonight.

chaos-SD1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

For me, NFS was tough to place because I'm not a racing guy. I asked the team to help with placing titles more accurately, but sadly I was the only one who uses remote play fairly regularly. Like the article says I tend to avoid racers because I do not consider myself the best judge.

As for BF I've heard a mix of opinions on the game from others around the the internet, some who love it, some who have had issues like me.

For Infamous, did the game always have the remap settings option?

EDIT: I must not be looking at the right settings because I'm missing where you can actually remap the controls, would you be willing to help me locate this setting? I would love to change Infamous in the update of this article.

@CHEF Thanks for the assist, I'll see if I can't locate it before your work day's over. Hope it goes smooth!

hkgamer1596d ago

knack is a brilliant game. never understood why people hated on that game.

sdozzo1596d ago

FF14 ARR seems to be working well for me via remote play. Nothing serious but for an hour or so at times when I'm solo questing.

chaos-SD1596d ago

I was hoping I would enjoy the beta more, so I could enjoy the experience on remote play. Sadly it just didn't catch me. I'll have to think about revisiting it before the end of the year when I plan to write version 2.

sdozzo1596d ago

Yeah, I never played the beta or earlier versions. I watched tons of videos and was leery of a console MMO. The controller works pretty well but reading the text and maps leave a little to be desired on console (sitting far away can be a challenge).

ipach1596d ago

transistor was awesome on vita. wish there were more button mapping options, but the gameplay and art totally worked fine over the network. i even pulled off a couple hours of that game from 1,000 miles away totally fine. was very happy that night.

chaos-SD1596d ago

Transistor was a helluva a lot of fun on the vita! Maybe even more enjoyable than it was on a TV lol

I should really look into doing a PSN games remote play article. I would probably like all of it though :P

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