Could a PS4 Slim Be Coming Next Year?

PS4Home: "Moreover, one must also consider the effect that bundle sales will ultimately have on the eventual release of a slim model PS4 console."

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Abash1509d ago

The PS4 is already sleek and slim as it is, and the image of the console is associated with it's popularity. I can't see the PS4 getting redesigned for a few years.

Yi-Long1509d ago

If it means they can produce the console cheaper, without sacrificing quality, they will probably come out with a Slim.

Perhaps they could also improve the DVD-playback, which was reported as being not as good as the PS3 excellent DVD playback. BR-playback is fine though.

A new sexy white slim with a (much) bigger HDD would be great though. 500GB just doesn't cut it anymore in this digital day and age, and not everyone wants to replace the HDD considering the extra cost of a new HDD.

kreate1508d ago

Sony seems to like black color though.

randomass1711509d ago

PS3 had a slim and then a super slim and the PS2 had a slim too. They've been doing it for generations so why stop now? :P

Yi-Long1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Sadly though, Sony does have a reputation of making every new 'Slim' uglier and 'cheaper' then the console that came before it... so that's a reason for concern.

PS3 Phat is gorgeous (especially the white Phat).

Slim was already a bit less appealing to the eye, but still very nice and sturdy.....

.... but that Super-Slim is, sadly, absolutely terrible. Looks awful and too plasticky.

When I had to buy a new PS3, I went out of my way to get the normal Slim (red), instead of the Super-Slim, even though the latter had a bigger HDD.

randomass1711509d ago

Sure the super slim wasn't gorgeous but that wasn't the point. It was more compact and had more HDD space. They cut some aesthetic corners to make make the value better. If they did a PS4 super slim I would not mind at all because it's just more options for us consumers.

SoapShoes1509d ago

I wasn't big on the slim but I think the Super Slim is far ahead of the Slim and close to the original design. I don't think the PS2 slim or PSone looked any worse either.

ZoyosJD1509d ago

It's not that it won't happen, just not so soon.

Anyone claiming we will have a slim PS4 even by dec 31 2015 doesn't have a clue what they are talking about and is simply speculating without any consideration for if the prospect is reasonable.

At this point it is EXETREMELY unlikely.

If anyone is curious for my reasoning feel free to ask.

NukaCola1508d ago

In all fairness the PSOne, PS Slim and PS3 Slims are very nice. The super slim PS3 was the ugly one.

rainslacker1508d ago

I think they could certainly make it smaller after a while given how motherboards always get smaller, but the initial PS4 is one of the smallest "Big name" home consoles ever produced, even after many slim models that came out over the years from many companies. It's also pretty sleek as is.:)

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ramiuk11508d ago

Imo they have already nailed the design.
its a thing of beauty and everyone is happy with the design,its prob as small as it can be and should stay how it is.
the only thing i would of liked was the USB moving to the side or back

iamnsuperman1509d ago

I think that really depends on momentum. Sony can easily reduce cost of manufacturing the PS4 without the need to release a slim version. Slim consoles are like new skus except they are designed to boost the most momentum (skus and bundles offer a much shorter boost in momentum). If the PS4 is still selling well next year or is still outselling its competitors this time next year then no. We are also likely to see a price drop before a slim announcement (again depending on what I just said).

Paprika1509d ago

Not physically slimmer, its a beautiful machine as it is. But a new model, shipped at 1tb HDD and available in different colours such as pure white blue, silver, red etc... that'd be epic!

colonel1791509d ago

My guess is that they will not release a slim for a couple of years. It has already been reported that they are reducing costs of the PS4.

In terms of design, I think they will go for the exact same, but just shrunk. More like how the PS2 slim (and second slim) was just a shrunk model from the original)

nevin11508d ago

Reports said they already reduced the cost of PS4.

Your 2nd point doesn't make sense. Especially the fact I don't remember 2 PS2 slims.

colonel1791508d ago

There weren't two PS2 slims, but two designs. The first slim that everybody knows, and a second design that came out some time before they were discontinued.

rainslacker1508d ago

Sony had 11 different revisions of the original big PS2. All with different motherboards but the same case on the outside. Sometimes the motherboards had minimal changes, sometimes drastic. A couple revisions were only released in certain markets in Europe or Japan. Most of the other changes involved the power supply or laser being used, or changed certain things like how the laser assembly operated(plastic or metal tracking arm for example) or the types of ribbon cables or connections used to hook everything up...likely all due to those small cost decreases which add up over millions of units or for reliability reasons. I used to repair them, and I know each version had it's own little hiccups which were usually fixed in following revisions only to find some new problem.;)

Versions 12-15(commonly known as the slim) had a smaller case and extremely compact motherboards and dvd-drive. The revisions in them were much the same as the phat versions, but overall the innards didn't change much, just more for reliability issues.

I can see them decreasing the size of the PS4. It's certainly feasible given how technology gets smaller. But I do believe there is a certain amount of space needed to house the hard drive and BR-Drive, which will likely make any change extremely minimal, as cooling still has to be taken into account. Given the current size of the PS4, I hardly find it necessary. I could see a change in the lines of the system though to appeal to a new group of people. However, given enough time, options may become available which could make the PS4 no bigger than a tablet.

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