Create Your Own Characters, Story & Quests For Upcoming Zombie MMO PC Game

Rigid-Soft may not be the most famous developers on the planet but the indie scene is often credited as pushing the boundaries of gaming and that proves true as these developers offer the gaming community the chance to make their own characters, quests and background story that will feature in the highly anticipated zombie MMO PC game, Lifeless.

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CaptainCamper1571d ago

I've always wanted to gauge whether my creative writing would be of a high enough quality to feature in a game. Now's my chance.

Won't be missing this opportunity! :D

CaptainCamper1571d ago

So... I've spent about 3 hours writing up my first quest. I have to say, in just this short amount of time I've suddenly found a new level of respect for the quest heavy MMO's that actually try to deliver an exciting story.

This ain't easy :D

dcj05241570d ago

Right?That's why always watch tge credits out of all that amount of work and brainpower that went into making a game.

derkasan1571d ago

Sounds ambitious! I'd love to see how it turns out.