Sony registers

Gematsu -

"Sony Computer Entertainment America has registered the domain name It was created on July 28.

Additionally, Wild Sheep Studio, Rayman creator Michel Ancel’s new indie startup, registered the domain It was created on July 29.

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Remy_S1594d ago

That movie was such a collosal turd.

FamilyGuy1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

A million Ways To Die in the West was hilarious.
Differing senses of humor I guess.

Did you like Ted? They're already making a Ted 2.

I really wonder what type of game this could be though :/

rdgneoz31594d ago

Can't wait for Ted 2. I had already planned a camping trip when I found out they were looking for extras in Boston last month. They did some shots at a dinner in Wareham around July as well.

As for the game, could be hilarious. Though not many movie games end up good.