After Layoffs and Studio Move Sony Santa Monica Is Strengthening its Teams Again

Sony Santa Monica definitely had a hectic first half of the year. After a heavy round of layoffs that left the studio with a canceled game and about 150 developers, a move to a new studio and even a new logo the house of God of War is now ready to strenghten its teams again.

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randomass1711592d ago

Sometimes downsizing is just a part of the process. Sony and their studios will be fine as always. By the way, that new logo looks sexy as hell. :D

stormplyr1592d ago

I agree the logo looks awesome :D

Dwalls11711592d ago

Yesssssss give Me GOW my ps4's face buttons feel so un-used
I want a button masher!!!!!!

chrissx1592d ago

Good news. Can't wait to get news on and play their new games

Dark111592d ago

I really hope to see the new GOW at the next E3.

Ezz20131592d ago

i would scream like 10 years old girl in dentist clinic
if that happened
i'm sooo GOW fanboy

Abriael1592d ago

I would hope to see it earlier than that, honestly :D

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1592d ago

I <3 Sony Santa Monica Studio

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081592d ago

SSM has very talented ppl working there! good to hear they're strengthening the team again.

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The story is too old to be commented.