Nvidia Geforce GTX 280 final specs

Fudzilla: We managed to get the final Geforce GTX 280 details and most of the stuff that we've reported over the last few months turned out to be true.

Codenamed GT200, the GTX 280 GPU is developed in 65nm process and has 1.4 billion transistors clocked at 602MHz. The processor clock, something that we use to call "Shaders" works at 1296MHz and Nvidia's new chip has an impressive 240 cores.

The GTX 280 card uses GDDR3 memory with 512-bit memory interface clocked to 1107MHz (2214MHz effective). The card has 141.7GB/s bandwidth and it comes with a total of 1GB memory.

The GT200 chip has 32 ROP's, 80 texture filtering units, and 48.2 Gigatexels/sec texture filtering rate. The card supports HDCP, and HDVI via DVI to HDMI adapter and comes with two dual link DVI-I and a single HDTV out.

The Ramdac is set to the well known 400MHz and the card itself is a dual slot with PCIe 2.0 interface and has one 8-pin and one 6-pin power connector. So now, you know.

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wAtdaFck3842d ago

Oh geez, lets benchmark these badboys

Xi3842d ago

it doesn't support dx10.1 =/

GIJeff3842d ago

ummmm no. Not this time. My 7950gx2 gets my room hot enough, i don't need something that requires two power connectors. I'm getting a 4870.

Kakkoii3842d ago

If your a person who wants the very top of the line.. Then a 4870 is no substitute for the 280GTX.

But price wise it's a good choice if your on a budget.

Do you not have any windows in your room lol?

GIJeff3841d ago

but im getting tired of nVidia's stratagies. Dont get me wrong, I am an nVidia fan for sure, and never used an ATI card. But lately, it seems nVidia waits for ATI to make a move, and then just cranks more juice to their cards to get performance to come out on top. Theres that reason and the heat/power consumption that comes from the current 8 and 9 series, i cant imagine what a card that requires 14 pins is going to use as far as power goes. I like the route AMD/ATI is going. Excellent performance/power/price ratios. Is the nVidia card really worth the 600$ they want for it? hell no. I can crossfire 4870's if I really need a retarded amount of power, and for cheaper.

Im simply not impressed.

Kakkoii3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Well.. 500$ now actually..

And will drop within a month.

But yeah.. Price/Performance wise ATI is winning this round.

But Nvidia uses that money they earn from overpricing their cards to further advance technology as fast as they can. They do a lot of behind the scenes things most people don't hear/know about.