What If We Didn’t Buy Madden This Year?

"I’ve been playing Madden for nearly 20 years. It was the first game I played on the SEGA Genesis and has followed me throughout my entire life, from Genesis to N64, to PC, to PS2, to PS3, to the current generation, I have been playing EA’s football simulator for as long as I have been playing video games." |

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Yo Mama1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

I'm skipping this year. Not being tricked again. Won't purchase again until they take a year or two off to develop a new engine. That, or they change to a two developer cycle so that they actually have two years to make significant changes.

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xJumpManx1599d ago

No way I am missing this year. Give me my Browns with Manziel.

InTheZoneAC1598d ago

Hoyer is the better qb...

koolaid2511598d ago

Manziel is the better video game Madden qb lol.

adonisisfree1598d ago

And no chance of making playoffs.

700p1599d ago

Well i didnt buy the last madden but i bought the last few before that. Maddens arent worth getting every year if they dont actually have good improvements.

Zenith4k1598d ago

O no don't so that the world would stop

gamer11381598d ago

Wait a couple of months and get it on EA access ;)

InTheZoneAC1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

you mean wait 10 months after release to get it?

you'd be kidding yourself if you think EA's access is about giving you deals when they'll just wait until no one is buying the previous years' madden before they give it away...

if ea access is willing to let you spend $300 before you see any savings then by all means pay for it and check every day for madden 15 to show up...

funkybudda1598d ago

Exactly, if EA Access making new games available right away, the pricing structure will be worst than that of the PS Now service from Sony...

mhunterjr1598d ago


You don't have to spend $300 to see savings . I just spend $5 and can play 4 games to my hearts content.

If I don't plan on buying 5 $60 games a year, I could just subscribe during the months games I do want become available, and still get the discount + vault access.

The annual option is only for viable for people who buy a ton of EA content every year. Everyone else can save via the monthly option.

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The story is too old to be commented.