Review: The Bourne Conspiracy 7/10 (Dimorphic360)

In between all this fighting and shooting is something of a pet peeve for me: context sensitive situations. At regular intervals, and I mean regular, the game will stop and jump into a cutscene before asking you to press one of the 4 face buttons so you can avoid some impending doom, which could be a sniper bullet or a moving car. If you succeed in pressing the button you'll avoid being shot or ran over or something and continue on your merry killing way, but if you fail, you die and go back to the last checkpoint.

Now that I've got that out of the way, let's get on to the one thing that really makes me despair at it's execution and involvement. The Paris chase level. This was one momentous stuff-up from start to finish. This was Bourne's driving level featuring the mini and the popular car chase through Paris. The major problem is how the car handles, as if the designers didn't know exactly how a car worked. There is zero physics, no weight movement and the car handles like a trolley with a stuck wheel... A very tedious level that very nearly ruined the game for me.

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