What game are you most excited for this year?

This fall will bring lots of games for Playstation systems, but which one is your most anticipated? Take the survey!

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blackout1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

I remember when i could not stand racing games and that all changed with FH. So to that here is my list.

Dragon Age
Forza H2
Halo MCC
Far Cry 4


its a toss up between Halo MCC and Destiny

Oschino19071510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

SMH This is an article about upcoming PlayStation games this year not Xbox or whatever other systems many are naming games for.

Lol the headline is not the whole article or an open question to who ever reads it.

DeusEx-Machina1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Well then the author should phrase his headline differently.

Whatever. We're commenting on N4G. Not on the their site.

BadPiggie1231510d ago

Sorry guys, just changed it to include games from all platforms! Thanks for commenting!

700p1511d ago

It would be Dragon Age Inquisition. Halo MCC would be a close second.

randomass1711511d ago

My top one would be Destiny and my second one is probably Smash Bros. 4. :)

Vantage1510d ago

"Excited" isn't the word I would use. I'll use the word "want".

The game I want this year is Dragon Age: Inquisition. Though I'm hesitant on buying it considering it's from BioWare. I would try to rent it but it's hard to rent anymore.

Software_Lover1510d ago

Same. I wouldn't use excited. I just don't get that excited anymore.

I want Sunset Overdrive (to be good and fun)
Halo MCC for the Nostalgia

Nothing else Major that I'm interested in. All multiplats I get on PC so I'm good.


wish Bioware would do a new kinghts of the old republic

1886afc1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

for PC Civilization: Beyond Earth

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The story is too old to be commented.