Users Complain Xbox One OS is Sluggish; Console Needs More Stability Updates

Following a post made by a Reddit user called RameezTheElite, many Xbox One users have started to complain about the console's operating system. According to users, the UI of the console works fine at times, but at others, it becomes very sluggish, slow and unresponsive.

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n4rc1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

I don't find that to be the case.. There are random bugs in the previews but nothing across the board..

Which is all this looks like... Some dude posted on reddit that things slow down once and awhile (while using preview updates by the look of it).. Thanks capt obvious ;)

Naga1113d ago

Yeah, I haven't experienced any of this.

1113d ago
XBLSkull1113d ago

I have had this happen on occasion, but it isn't common by a long shot. I can probably count the times it has happened to me on one hand and I've used the console daily since it was released. Sensational article. A much bigger problem for me is my Playstation 4's UI pretty much consisting of one big line that presents all my games and apps with no discretion of what is shown or in what order.

UnHoly_One1112d ago

Agreed, Skull.

The PS4 UI is even worse than the PS3's, something I would have previously thought to be impossible.

VealParmHero1112d ago

Me neither. I mean once or twice there here or there things have froze up for a sec, but for the most part it's been pretty much performing as more no less. And that's with the preview updates.

mcstorm1112d ago

I have started to see the slowness since the last update but I also seem to have a issue now where Kinect settings popup when watching TV saying Kinect is ready to be configured and it seems to not pick my voice up as well as it was before. Anyone else having this? If not think I'm going to have to speak to Microsoft as I may have a faulty Kinect.

Kingthrash3601112d ago

Here we go with somehow putting the ps4 in a Xbox conversation.. Smh.

sinspirit1112d ago


Except, the PS3 UI is substantially easier for anyone to get right into and know where to navigate. It is much more simple, less cluttered, and has less menus to go through. Also, the X360 UI is a ripoff of the XMB. All they did was reverse the menu navigation on the X and Y axis and then they plastered more menus and clutter onto it. They also make you read the words for what section which is slower than using familiar symbols like the XMB does.

Keltech1112d ago

Unholy Xbot pointing finger; "but mommy, PS4 too whaaa!." I doubt u even had a PS3. I've been checking out this website since 2006, and I remember you always standing up for Xbox. So please dude stop lying.
Btw I agree with XBLskull to a degree. I can only speak of Win8 tiles (which I hate!) and if the xb1 is the same mess, ill stick with the PS4 UI.

warczar1112d ago

@XBLSkull & UnHoly_One

Yeah it's such a pain in the ass to tap the d-pad a couple of times and be in the game I want to play. I would much rather have to navigate a bunch of dumbassed Windows to get to what I want. /s

UnHoly_One1112d ago

Sinspirit the X360 UI hasn't looked like that for years. I think you are a few updates behind. Seriously it has the Windows 8 look like the XB1 and has for years.

For the record I HATED that version of the 360 UI and readily admit it was a flipped ripoff of the XMB.

Keltech... First check my profile and look at my PSN tag. UnHoly_One if you're too lazy to go look yourself. I have a PS3 and a PS4.

And I've only been on this site for like a year and a half so I don't know what you are "remembering" about me from 2006.

sinspirit1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )


Yes, they changed it and it's still similar to XMB, with a Windows 8 style to it, still more cluttered and more menus to go through. And, using words to represent sections makes it slower to recognize compared to symbols. This is why symbols are used for dozens upon dozens of products and signs. XMB uses symbols and it's easier to recognize where to navigate when symbols are there to guide you.

ThanatosDMC1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Agreed about the PS4 UI. If you have too many games, the damn is too long to scroll around. The library icon should be somewhere easy to access not in the line.

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mcarsehat1113d ago

Mine has been sluggish as of late. Especially after i close down fifa.

falviousuk1113d ago

Same here, dash has been lagging at times, and has been very slow to move from game to the home screen and back again, at otter times moving around the dash has been very laggy, not doing anything then suddenly performing all the actions that I was trying to do in one go.

I am in the preview program so unsure if its related to that or if giving up some extra processing back to devs is to blame.

Hopefully this will smooth out again like it was before.

This has only started happening in the last week,

SuperBlunt1113d ago

Its game specific for both consoles. On my ps4 bf4 and the ui co exist perfectly.....then I insert cod ghosts.

Bigpappy1113d ago

I never played FIFA, but also never experienced any slowdown or laggy OS. May be game specific as some have suggested, don't know.

Ausbo1112d ago

I agree. Despite my quick connection the menu can be sluggish sometimes. Especially when starting and leaving parties for me

Cueil1112d ago

every now and then both system need a hard reset... that will clear up 99 percent of the problems you're having

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Funantic11113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Even tho I prefer my X1 over my PS4, the X1 OS is more sluggish than the PS4. But I will say that the X1's OS is improving more rapidly will the constant updates. I can tell that it's becoming more stable because I don't get kicked out of games as often and things are more speedy. But it still needs a few more updates and optimizing.

thehitman13981112d ago

Lol at ur sly troll against PS4. Lol, to b honest, I can't believed that u even got kicked out of a game... that sucks dude. Never once got kicked from any game in PS4 :-)

I guess u just have to #dealwithit

S2Killinit1112d ago

why bring PS4 into this? to respond, I've never been "kicked out" on PS4. Its probably your internet.

reko1112d ago

You don't have a ps4 lol

FragMnTagM1112d ago

It can be slow if you have slow internet. Other than that, it is pretty snappy.

nerdman671112d ago

My X1 has been running wonderfully. Only a few times the UI was a little sluggish, after a long gaming session when I hit the home button, but it sped up after a few seconds.

thehitman13981112d ago

So "you" one person says you haven't experience this and therefor it's not happing? Just cuz it hasent happened to u doesn't mean that it's not. Just saying #captobvious #dealwithit

Cueil1112d ago

the guy is also in the beta... that doesn't help his case

n4rc1112d ago

Yes I'm in the beta too... Guess what happens in betas? There are bugs..

I never said it has never slowed down.. I said it happens once and awhile in certain circumstances and should be expected..

Making a claim or headline that the ui is sluggish and slow implies its that way for all people all the time. Which is false

And you manage to ignore all the replies stating they haven't noticed it either.. #dealwiththat (and congrats for making me feel like an idiot for using a hashtag in a comments section lol)

BallsEye1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

BS article. XO getting big monthly updates and yet according to it it's behind competition? You gotta be kidding me. XO dash is quick, smooth and now have more features than any other console up to date. That's a fact. Disagree? Proove it.

TheXgamerLive1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Thats funny this post/article is not true at all in fact STABILITY UPDATES IS SONYS MIDDLE NAME. I swear i had to look at my calander to see if this was an april fools joke.

ramiuk11112d ago

im loving the fact MS is giving you xbox one owners loads of updates i just hope they dont do what they did with 360 because imo the 360 got slower and slower with updates,the blades was so fast and its all clunky and laggy

xtremeimport1112d ago

I am one of those users. I find it to be very slow when I click on an "app". too much going on at once. I also cant stand the plain black background.

Bennibop1112d ago

In comparison to the 360 and ps4 dashboard it is sluggish and difficult to navigate. Personally I am not a big fan.

kewlkat0071112d ago

I use my Xbox One every day and one thing I would say is, if the UI is sluggish at times, it is because of the "Visual Effects" they have going on with the UI.

They should provide an option where you can turn off some of the Visual Effects and have users use something simpler and faster sorta like when you can turn some of that off under Windows OS.

Ofcourse it could be a little faster but they will have to reduce some of the Visual effects or just make them load faster using a different effect.

Having the Menus come in from the left or right or something like that as an overlay instead of a different and separate page could help. Microsoft is a software company and seeing where XBL was when the Xbox 360 was released and where it is at now, I'm not concerned with the Xbox One.