Elysian Shadows Hopes to be a 'Next Gen' 2D RPG for Dreamcast, PC and Mobile

Hardcore Gamer: In the SNES/Genesis era of gaming, 2D RPGs were beloved thanks to gorgeous pixel art, sweeping storylines, and great gameplay. As time went on, the 2D RPG took a backseat to 3D titles. But what if it were possible to bring the 2D aesthetics gamers knew and loved back then to the current generation?

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ValKilmer1233d ago

A next-gen RPG on the Dreamcast? Well excuse me as I give you all my money.

kalkano1233d ago

That's a lot of mutually exclusive words you jammed into the headline...

Double Toasted1233d ago

I guess the Dreamcast is "gen" proof.

filchron1232d ago

i like that dreamcast is getting new games but these rpgs and shmups arent really what the system was about. dont get me wrong, new games for my favorite console ever are awesome but i wish someone would go fullout and make a full 3D arcade experience with colorful graphics and a blazing fast framerate. even if someone just took the sonic adventure 1 assets and made new/remixed levels for it and called it sonic adventure 3 i would be satisfied. these new shmups and rpgs arent worth it tho, the DC deserves top quality 3D games made with passion and creativity.