Talking Point: Deconstructing Nintendo's Retail Releases of Wii U eShop Titles

The recent announcement of a NES Remix physical disc compilation coming to North America was the latest in a minor trend for Nintendo, as it is showing an increased willingness to convert download titles into retail releases. It was also surprising, as NES Remix Pack will combine two $15 titles, so presumably will have a recommended price of around $30, half the premium for a top-tier first-party Wii U release. These budget disc versions of eShop content clearly have some business reasoning behind them, yet they also suggest a continuing collision between moving suitable content to the download store while still trying to cater to the conventional market. The question is whether these disc editions are a positive promotion for the eShop, or just the opposite.

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GordonKnight1598d ago

Nintendo knows there are a lot of collectors that would love to have NES Remix in their collection.

This is only reason for releasing the physical copy or maybe for people that don't have internet. Also, this isn't the game Nintendo released digitally first followed by a physical copy release.

Dunban671598d ago

They need more games to sell at retail - considering many retailers have limited/reduced how much space they are giving the wiiu hardware and software - they are probably telling Nintendo they will make more room for 1st party games and less for others-
The NES remix is a quick way to get more presence at retail and make retailers happy because it is 1st party