Get a first look walkthrough of the August Xbox One OS Update

The August update has just been released for all members in the preview program and the video below shows all the new features in action.

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Community1599d ago
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shinrock1599d ago

Getting better and better!

Darkstares1599d ago

Actually looks quite impressive and very fast, same as the guy who narrates the video speaking a hundred words a second.

Pascalini1599d ago

Xbx one operating system won't be beaten it just keeps getting better and better

ramiuk11599d ago

i have ps4 and updates have been shit.
xbox is doing great with updates being a monthly thing.
hope they keep improving for the xbone gamers out there.
im expecting a huge update from sony come gamescon,or at least there better be.

its kinda embarrasing at moment

Dontworrybhappy1599d ago

I have a PS4 and X1 and i agree. PS4 updates have been shit. I was starting to regret buying a PS4 but then TLOU came out. That is Sony`s Halo right there. Awesome game!

Genuine-User1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Let's not get ahead of ourselves now.
Sony hasn't been great with updates but they have provided some decent stuff.
HD streaming, Share factory, 3D bluray support, game recording & taking screen shots.

Genuine-User1598d ago

I would rather have someone argue their position than just simply disagree with what I have to say.

redwin1598d ago

@genuine, yes Sony has had some very good updates, but I think that MS have been nicer. I have them both and I'm finding myself using the box a lot more. Some people might start saying that all these updates are not for the PLAYERS though. I'm a player and I like them.

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Omar911599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Xbox 1 owners getting monthly updates and I'm waiting for sony like.... -___-

hello121599d ago

Three OS's running the xb1. Sony has 1 OS that's all you need to know why it will always take an age for Sony to update. Its not them being lazy at all. Its just takes longer to correct errors before you can release to Sony users.

kneon1599d ago

You obviously know nothing of what you are talking about. The number of OSs is irrelevant to what you are claiming.

brainfart1599d ago

One thing we all know if your not lettting your fanboy ways clog your brain is that xbox one social media tech is running circles around Nintendo & sony, Im not talking rrod either!!

hello121599d ago

[email protected] You're are wrong this explains how and why Microsoft updates the console so fast.

kewlkat0071598d ago

@KNWS - That's a very poor explanation...just saying.

We all know Microsoft has good Software guys when it comes to OSs.

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jaymart2k1599d ago

Still waiting for PS4 Updates -
Pause Downloads
Resume Game
Delete All Message Option
Copy All Game Saves Option to UBS/Cloud(currently 1 at a time,ahhh)
Playroom (Broadcast Update)
Custom Background
Buy Avatars (Why do I have to use a PS3 to do this?)
Store PS Vita games

Alot of these are already on PS3, yet it's been almost 10 months since the release of PS4 & still waiting.

brainfart1599d ago

Being I like new tech, once my finances are right im getting an xbox one, social media aspect is light years ahead of other console's no denying that!!! Good job m$

alexg5871599d ago

Dam im jealous. Time to get in that here i come!!!

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