Ninja Gaiden Sigma vs Ninja Gaiden 2

Comparison video for some aspects of the ninja gaiden games, gameplay, boss fights and chicks.

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TrevorPhillips3842d ago

both parts have there own good thing :)

Hydrolex3842d ago

the second one looks washed out + it has bad colors and kind of blurry
and the funny part is the second one is running the 360 and first one PS3

3842d ago
barom3842d ago

They showed really lame combat for Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I mean when he showed NG2, he was doing the charged up moves (holding down Triangle or Y) and finishing moves. Now NGS doesn't have finishing moves but it has charged up move which actually looks similiar to the NG2 move. It's argueable which is cooler but thats not my point. My point is that this was an unfair comparison.

The charged move that I'm talking about is at 00:47 in the clip. Also at 1:00 he did Ninpo. Which is EXACTLY the same as one of the Ninpo that can be used in NGS.

CrazedFiend3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Well, as a game, I would certainly hope that NG2 is most definitely a step up from NG1 in any form it came in, but as a comparison, I'd have to say that this video fails miserably. And I am not saying that as any kind of defense of the PS3 either. Even if it would have been the XBOX version of both games, I still would have felt the same way.

I'm assuming that the point of this video was to show off which game was better. So if that's the case, an ACTUAL comparison would show off BEST OF BOTH GAMES.

For the game play, I'm sure that anyone who has played the game would agree that that was not the most visually impressive game play or environmental area of NG1, AND I can say with certainty that there are more impressive areas to show off the muscle of 2 as well.

BUT, unlike 2 (which I have not played yet), I can tell you that he did choose to show one of the most visually UNIMPRESSIVE game play areas of 1 for his comparison.

Same with the bosses. Why would you compare the fight with Murai (I think that was his name. I can't remember), who was only a man, to the spider boss if NG2? Again, I doubt that the spider was the best boss in 2, but I can GUARANTEE that there are many more interesting boss battles in 1. Again, although he may have been the most difficult for some, the first Murai fight was probably the most visually UNINTERESTING boss battle in the entire game.

And finally, comparing the women was fun and all, but why would compare game play footage, where the character is nothing more than an ant on the screen, to a cut scene where the character's chest is a full 1/3 of everything that we see?

What, did you think that we wouldn't want to see Rachael's chest once more???

In any case, either choose to show two samples of game play footage OR two samples of cutscene footage (and for obvious reasons, in this case it should have been the cutscenes).

Honestly, in this generation where it seems everybody has just gone comparison crazy, if GameTrailers and all these other people had the energy to waste making all these comparisons, I just wish that SOMEBODY could take the time to make some FAIR comparisons so that the people watch can ACTUALLY decide for themselves what they think.

Panthers3842d ago

NG2 has some really boring level design. They are just open areas with nothing in them... That really kills it for me.

poopface13842d ago

because the spider is the first boss in NG 2(like murie in ng1) and you fight it in ch1 and mid chapter 2. Later the bug becomes just a normal enemy. the bug is as lowly as the bosses get in NG2, that should answer any questions about which game is more extreme.

Marceles3842d ago

They both look the same to me, but NG2 looks flashier...they added more effects like the ghost trails and noticeable sword trails, more sparks coming from metal to metal clashing, the hit counter...but graphics wise I don't see a much of a difference to debate about

Rock Bottom3842d ago

Not from the stupid video.

Sigma has better graphics.
II has better/ more advance fighting system.
Sigma has better levels design.
II has better music and cutscenes.
II has better weapons.
Both have crappy story.
Both are awesome.

CrazedFiend3842d ago

What you said was not a hard conclusion to come to, but you missed my point COMPLETELY Poopface.

In a comparison to show which is the BETTER game, you show the BEST of BOTH games. If it was a comparison of which game was worse, then you show the most boring parts of both games.

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Real gamer 4 life3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Doesn't sigma run at 60fps 1080p? Correct me if i am wrong.

After watching the video comparison i think that sigma looks better, and ng2 plays better. but at the same time they showed some lame ass part for sigma, and some kick ass part for ng2. So this guy is clearly trying to make ng2 look better.

Dannagar3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

They show the first level from both Sigma and Ninja Gaiden II, which is somewhat tame compared to later levels. NGII gets a hell of a lot crazier than that. From this point in the video to the end of the game, the action becomes none stop.

TrevorPhillips3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

you know what ng sigma and ng 2 looks the same even if sigma runs at 1080p and 2 runs at 585p don't see a difference in them to be honest

Fishy Fingers3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Slightly unfair, the comparison is not in 1080p, so basically that in turn makes the comparison unjustified as they're not comparing the versions at their best.

deeznuts3842d ago

And of course you know this by viewing a x320 resolution video comparison.

TrevorPhillips3842d ago

all i can say is there both look the same

Pain3842d ago

If NG2 was on Blu-ray and HHD cached, i bet it would be able to have 'More' detail like Sigma.

^what iv been saying all along^ but u xbot tards think its a pissing contest...

Montrealien3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Pain said...

"If NG2 was on Blu-ray and HHD cached, i bet it would be able to have 'More' detail like Sigma. "

And who says it's a pissing contest? Oh yeah, not xbots, not droids, but freaking retarded fanboys in GENERAL! Thay are both great games, get em all and then you are full of win, that is