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Submitted by Articuno76 556d ago | opinion piece

Final Fantasy 13 Retrospective Review

The Final Fantasy XIII series has finally come to close with the recent release of the novella epilogue in Japan. Continue Play uses the occassion to look back at the original Final Fantasy XIII, a game that many have called "the worst Final Fantasy/worst JRPG/root of all evil". But heavily problemed as it may be, it isn't all bad. (Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Retro, Xbox 360)

snarls200  +   556d ago
not the worst games i've played
TheWackyMan  +   556d ago
The last of us takes that award. LOL xD!!! /s
FamilyGuy  +   555d ago
That doesn't even make sense as a joke or sarcasm, it's just completely out the blue to mention tlou at all :/

I personally liked FF13, I'm a big fan of the super high quality CGI cut scenes and it was cool seeing the monsters fight against each other on the battlefield. I don't think I had seen that in a game before FF13. The battle system required some thought during a few fights, the weapons were cool, the game wasn't as bad as people try to make it.
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Father__Merrin  +   556d ago
ff13 one of the best ff I've played I remember all the hate it got, but with terrific gameplay, stunning graphics and music, good story and voice acting, cool bosses apart from the that barthandalous it was a riveting 70h game
grailly  +   556d ago
I'm not too surprised that *somebody* likes the game, but I never thought anyone would call it the best FF ever.
I guess we just have completely different opinions, as I thought that the story(or at least the writing of it) was bad and the voice acting OK at best.
elda  +   556d ago
I 100% totally agree!
Hellsvacancy  +   556d ago
I thought it was awful, just awful, didn't even finish it, got 2/3 of the way through and gave up
rainslacker  +   555d ago
I thought it was a good game, but I didn't start thinking that until I stopped thinking of it as a FF game. I guess my standard for FF games was just raised up too high because of prior installments.

Otherwise, it had decent gameplay(far from terrific, but could be engaging at times), graphics were it's best attribute, music was awesome, voice acting was mostly good and I consider it acceptable(Vanille being the only one I didn't really like). The story itself was good, but very poorly delivered, and at times convoluted unless you did independent research on what was what.
WeAreLegion  +   556d ago
Still sucks/10 :D
Lionalliance  +   556d ago
It sucks.
NegativeCreep427  +   556d ago
I remember I was very disappointed with the demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2 but given the right price I guess I'll try out and give the final fantasy 13 saga a chance. After all, Final Fantasy 12 for ps2 was given a very bad rep when it first came out but unsurprisingly it is now considered a cult classic amongst old-school Squaresoft Final Fantasy fans.

FF XII taught me the lesson of not solely relying on "professional" reviews to play a game. I put in over 70 hours into Final Fantasy 12 back in 2009. I think it is one of the most underrated Final Fantasy games of all time, so Final Fantasy 13 may very well be suffering the same case of Media degradation and hatred.
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Paprika  +   556d ago
FF XII was epic, just thinking about it is awesome! I'm pretty sure no RPG of its type on ps3 can match it. Had a better battle system than xiii too!
Tdmd  +   555d ago
I'm very confused about your post. In one hand, this...

"I put in over 70 hours into Final Fantasy 12 back in 2009. I think it is one of the most underrated Final Fantasy games of all time"

...makes me feels like there's no justice in this world unless I hit the agree button, on the other hand, this...

"so Final Fantasy 13 may very well be suffering the same case of Media degradation and hatred."

...makes me feel like the disagree button needs to be seriously raped asap!

XII is awesome, XIII is trash, and I really pity you if you will try XIII expecting it to be anywhere near as good as XII was.
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Paprika  +   556d ago
It certainly didn't suck. Ff13 had s beautiful world, awesome soundtrack... that song in oerba is just stunning, a great battle system 'end game' and a relatively good plot. Its cast was OK, and I suppose the story could have been a little better, but its good enough overall to warrant no less than 8/10 overall.

It is time to move on, its not a classic, let's hope final fantasy xiv is!

Edit : I rate it very highly, have put close to 150 hours into the game, platinum and 1k achievements!
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Paprika  +   556d ago
XV I meant, XIV is a great mmorpg!
grailly  +   556d ago
Did you really like the battle system? I thought the idea was cool, but it was missing an additional layer of strategy, it ended up being very same-y against every opponent. I think that just being able to place characters on the field would have made a big difference, getting all your characters hit by AoEs because they all stuck together was too frustrating.
rainslacker  +   555d ago
No it didn't suck. If it weren't a FF game it would have been rated at least an 8 by the media, because it does what it does better than most JRPG's out there.

It certainly had it's flaws, and the fact that the battle system was really only engaging with the harder opponents where strategy was required, is one of it's biggest.

The stories delivery and somewhat stagnant character development were bad points, but the story itself was well thought out.

What's worse though is that I thought XIII-2 was down-rated only due to the fact that it was better than XIII overall except arguably in the story department. XIII-3's game play was pretty good, but had absolutely no meaningful variety, which made it stagnant pretty quick with the lack of variety in the enemies. The story was ridiculous though.

On a side note..I'm having a serious case of deja vu feeling that we've talked about this before not too long ago.:)
Inception  +   556d ago
The worst FF i ever play

- Story sucks even though it has a couple of interesting idea
- Un-memorable main characters, except Sazh
- Graphic are beautifull
- Music have a couple of good tracks, but overall it's lacking especially without the victory fanfare
- The battle system is good, but it could be better if we can take control other party members
- The exploration are very dissapointing
- No mini games :/

If FF XIII is a new IP or maybe a spin-off than there's a chance that lot of fans will not hate it.

But i think SE really made a big mistake by not making FF Type-0 as the real FF XIII. For me, Type-0 stick with the classic root and has more great ideas compare to FF XII, but too bad it's limited by hardware.
Metallox  +   556d ago
"The exploration are very dissapointing."

It has exploration?
Inception  +   555d ago
Yeah...kinda. Now i'm not so sure anymore.
knifefight  +   556d ago
And it's funny because the first English review of the completed game gave it 7/10 and fans were trying to crucify the reviewer for the score being so low.

Ah, memories:

So unimaginable is a 7/10 for FF13 now? A lot of people would even say it's too high, heh.

Freaking fanboys who've never played games judging them as if they have.
Inception  +   555d ago
My personal review had the same score with RPGland review. Maybe for other people 7/10 isn't a bad score. But for me 7/10 for a main FF is a bad score.
Tyrone_Biggums  +   555d ago
Sazh, along with Hope, are the least interesting characters. Too bad he didn't shoot himself.
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Inception  +   555d ago
"Too bad he didn't shoot himself"

Lol i said the same line but for Lightning. I don't know why a lot of people like her. She doesn't have interesting background, dialogues, or memorable moment. It's like she a bad clone of Cloud Strife. For me, she is one of the main reason why FF XIII sucks and boring. Fortunately Sazh save the day and make the story a bit interesting.
Tyrone_Biggums  +   555d ago

Not every girl has to be some happy go lucky air head. I think her personality was relevant to what type of situation she found herself in.
Inception  +   555d ago
I never expect Lightning as a "happy go lucky" or "air head" heroine. But i expect her to have interesting background, dialogues, and memorable moments like other FF heroine such as Rydia / Rosa (FF IV), Terra / Celes (FF VI), Tifa / Aerith (FF VII), etc. Hell, even Eiko from FF IX is more interesting to follow than Lightning.

Don't get me wrong here. If you love Lightning than i respect your opinion. But for me, when i compare Lightning with previous FF heroine before her than the result is she doesn't have the same level of 'uniqueness'. She's really bland and uninteresting.

Not to mention other FF heroine had more worse situation than Lightning. Example: like the Empire did to Terra. Some clue if you never play FF VI: the Empire tortured, brain washed, and manipulated her to slaughter a lot of innocent people. But unlike Lightning who act like a bitch and doesn't give a crap to other people except her sister, Terra still showed her compassion and love.

So yeah, i stick to my word: Lightning is uninteresting heroine.
kalkano  +   555d ago
I agreed with you, until you said Type-0 should have been 13. Type-0 is an action-RPG, and is no more Final Fantasy than 15 is.
Inception  +   555d ago
This is my last bubble~

Yes Type-0 felt more action RPG than the classic turn based. But the reasons why Type-0 deserve as FF XIII because:

1) It have world map. You can explore the world map with chocobos or airship like classic FF. Hell, there even a skirmishes battle like RTS in world map with you moving troops and capturing areas and a dogfight using your airship.

2) It have mini games like classic FF: capture and breeding chocobos.

3) It have more interesting story and characters than XIII.

4) It have co-op element like Persona 4 Golden.

5) Bad ass music (purely subjective).

For me, compare to FF XIII, Type-0 definitely have more interesting idea while mostly still stick to FF roots. Too bad it's limited by PSP hardware.

If you never play Type-0, i'll suggest to play it so you will know the reason why i want it as a main FF.
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rainslacker  +   555d ago
To be fair, FF13 would probably be considered an action-RPG as well. It seems SE has abandoned the ATB for the FF series instead of trying to improve it with each version.
kalkano  +   554d ago
No way is 13 an action RPG. 13-3...yes.

13 still uses ATB. But, it's a weird, fast-paced, control only 1 character ATB.
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elda  +   556d ago
It wasn't your traditional FF,but it was amazing to play,the production & graphics was top notch including the soundtrack,even going into the menu screen had production with a dynamic battle system,FF-XIII is one of my favorite FF games.FF-XV is looking all that can't wait till it's released.
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goldwyncq  +   556d ago
If FFXIII was like Lightning Returns from the start - open world, intruiging sidequests, innovative battle mechanics wouldn't be hated as much.
Tdmd  +   555d ago
In other words: if it wasn't bad, it would be good! x)
kalkano  +   555d ago
13-3 is the worst Final Fantasy, and I've played all the numbered games, except the MMOs.
rainslacker  +   555d ago
Really? Maybe if they made the 13-3 battle system be engaging. It was more repetitive than 13 and to me made 13-3 the worst in the series. The biggest mechanic was blocking, and was poorly implemented. It didn't have the depth of FF13's paradigm system at all.

Open world and side quest I can agree with, but the open world in 13-3 wasn't that interesting overall, and the side quest were mostly just busy work to make the game longer and force combat encounters. 99% of them weren't even interesting and were just depressing ways to force-feed how much Lightning was bringing hope to people's final moments. There was no reason to explore, because the game spoon fed you on where to go through it's side quests. I can't think of a single time where exploration netted me anything worth the effort.
DiscoKid  +   555d ago
It wasn't bad, it just wasn't Final Fantasy in spirit. Square Enix has a habit of slapping on the FF label, like they did with Spirits Within, which had nothing reminiscent of a Final Fantasy story.
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elda  +   555d ago
I agree about the first FF movie,I think that's why it was a complete flop knowing it had nothing to do with anything FF.I went to the first day opening show & brought along friends that knew nothing about FF except for the fact that I loved playing the games,boy was I disappointed including my friends...LOL!
kalkano  +   555d ago
I agree. But, if you watch it again, just as a movie and not a Final Fantasy, it's pretty good. I'd give it an 8/10.

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