The X-Rumors 06/11/2008 - Free DS3 With 40gb PS3, SOCOM Beta Info And More

Weapon X of The Bitbag writes, "Welcome to my new column, the X-Rumors. My name is Weapon X and I'm the new industry insider for The Bitbag. I will be bringing you hot industry rumors every week. Remember, everything I post should be considered a rumor and taken with a grain of salt. Of course if what I tell you comes true, you know where you heard it first!"

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Silogon3838d ago

How about Sony starts giving away hdmi's with their systems or at the very least component cables. It's a shame how many are still not aware they can play this thing with the said cables in hd and witness an incredible performance boost.

xfrgtr3838d ago is the worst source of info

Fighter3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

The first rumor is obvious, the second rumor might be true but I'm interested in the third rumor with the MGS4 war chronicles book. I don't think everyone will be getting that book unless they pre-order the LE.

egm_hiphopgamer3838d ago

are you serious? yo that's crazy man i hope that all pans out man for real 1luv and keep doing what you doing

Maverick_3838d ago

These "home boys" are noobs.

Skynetone3838d ago

is that all he can dig up

heres my rumours
360 failure rate is actually higher since bill gates has steped down
by the end of the ps3 life cycle updates will be over 40 gigs
the wii fit expands the life of your orignal controller

the final one: bart will hit eleven

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