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The Co-op Podcast 84: Does Sony See EA Access as a threat?

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: On this episode of The Co-op Podcast we discuss EA's new subscription service EA Access. Sony has denied the service on their platform because they believe it doesn't offer good value to their customers. However, with Playstation Now and Playstation Plus, could it be that Sony saw EA's service as a threat? Does the fact that Microsoft agreed to the service give them an advantage? We discuss this all on the show. (EA, Industry, Sony)

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rbailey  +   297d ago
EA Access won't cater to everyone and for that reason I don't see them as a threat. I will say though that Sony should worry more about making PlayStation Now competitively priced and less about what everyone else is doing. Anyone who thinks the PS Now rental prices are great should have their head examined immediately.
MrKennedy  +   297d ago
This is a good comment about EA Access not being a threat and PlayStation Now's prices being stupid.
HaveSumNuts  +   296d ago
They are 2 totally different services. There shouldn't even be comparisons between to 2 but nooo 1 service is for Playstation and the other is for Xbox. So N4G goes "Gamespot mode" with 10 flamebait articles for 1 subject.
Funky Town_TX  +   296d ago
That"s what we like.
welly300  +   296d ago
One service offers value other is a rip off

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