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Xbox One Gears of War Dev: "We Have to Show That We Have A Legitimate Claim to This IP."

Black Tusk producer Rod Fergusson says next Gears of War game will stay true to the essence of the series. (Gears of War, Xbox One)

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R0n0rve  +   432d ago
I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do with Gears. I think the series is in great hands.
christocolus  +   432d ago
Same here, i'm looking forward to this game so badly. it may just be the best gears ever.. Rod fergurson has really big plans for the ip. I hope BT have something spectacular planned for us at gamescom. I would give anything to see a short teaser of Gears and Halo 5 sp.
salmon_slapped  +   432d ago
With a huge improvement to graphics for both of those games...I might just lose it when they release some footage.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   432d ago | Well said
I hope they revisit the darker tone of the first game. I loved the other two games, but something was definitely lost in terms of how the campaigns felt.

Take the horde mode from the third game, multiplayer from the second game, and the campaign from the first game and you would have the perfect Gears, imo.
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LonDonE  +   432d ago
hey Lukas where you been buddy? i haven't read one of your comments in a while!
Seriously your one of the sane ones on N4G its nice to read the opinions of a like minded gamer about current topics within this industry we all so love.

Hope everything has been fine mate, HAPPY GAMING!

On topic, i cant wait for a new gears game which pushes the X1 to the max! i still play gears one and it blows me away to this day how epic and smooth while being totally awesome the game feels to this day! i think a new developer is good for the franchise it brings new ideas to the table.
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Pogmathoin  +   432d ago
I will never forget the Gary Jules commercial for the first game. What Gears was all about. Welcome back Lukas, I have only been banned twice since you been gone, and Maria was back..... And gone it seems....
guitarded77  +   432d ago
Yeah, Gears is my favorite XBOX franchise. I'll have to break and buy an XBOX One when it comes out. Just hope they can reinvent the series without breaking it.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   431d ago
totally agree Lukas...the first campaign was epic, 2nd MP was a blast and the horde mode was brilliant. Wrap that up in a nice little package and I'd be happy. Hell, they could do a remake with the 1st game, tweak the MP and add horde and I'd re-buy it.
Metallox  +   432d ago
Here I'm looking for another great frenetic multiplayer. And I hope they don't put again that short shotgun that no one liked.
tgunzz  +   432d ago
There is some amazing, and exciting gaming coming that's for sure. Gears Of War is why I still have 1 xb360 left. Please, oh please keep the 4 player co-op feature.
incredibleMULK  +   432d ago
yep gears 3 had alot of weapons i didn't dig too much. the mulcher, one shot, sawed off, and retro lancer. Great game but part 2 multiplayer is still my favorite. It was good to play as a chick so i could stare at a females ass instead of marcus or one of the other dudes.

The only thing that worries me is another prequel. Gears judgement felt really cheap. It felt like one of those psp god of wars that were just thrown out there so psp owners had a game to play. Story blew. Graphics were good, but it just didn't have the gears feel too it...felt more like dark sector.

I honestly think msoft bought the gears ip to prevent a gears compilation from finding its way to the ps4.....that would have been devastating to the xbox brand. Now they have it now what another prequel.

I have a solution that i said in older posts....Part 3 was a dream. BAM!! never happened!

Marcus wakes up from hitting his head in the chopper after fighting the lambent brumack in the end of part 2. Problem solved he wakes up and story carries on.

Then I would just flood part of the hollow not do that whole waterworld bullshit...it didn't seem believable. Leave the hollow. Travel to different continents and fight those locust hollows. I'm pretty sure there are other continents on sera. I don't think having earthquakes, tatonic plates, and continents on other planets is too far fetched. Bring it on black tusk....Gears of war Awakening!

Gears4....Marcus wakes up with a bad headache and another scar only to see his beloved but annoying friend baird fall out of the chopper and crack his head open along with cole train falling right on top of baird in the 69 position....seems like something cliff blynski wouldve wanted. I know its gross but we gotta get this thing approved so we get gears 4 plus i hate those two anyway, let them die in eachothers smelly crotches.

Marcus flies the helicopter and lands it near by and starts blasting locust guts all over the place with a mini gun. So we got a partially flooded hollow near by that solidifies some imulsion big deal not a deal breaker...a deal maker story is open for business....comic books unkill characters all the time why can't we unkill a story? Unkill Dom while you're at it.

Now to continue this....every gear head knows the locust ain't an ancient civilization,...they're a lab experiment. Remember that classified cog lab with the sires...adam fenix invented them in a lab along with that niles robot/alarm system. Locust escaped and burrowed away taking marcus' mom the lab assistant making her their queen....(hence her human form). ((not to mention the in game collectables referring to marcus' mom disappearring near the hollow, or the female subject "" showing remarkable telekinic abilities. Yeah, maybe they experimented on marcus' mom in the lab and then the locust put a mental wammy on her or whatever and went yerning for locust drones at the hollow.

You get my point...they got the opportunity to blow the doors off this shit, instead of cliff blynskie style ...."just flood it all" (lame!)

come on black tusk!! follow my lead baby! it was a dream!.....your move.
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thunderbear  +   432d ago
Agree. This is the type of game that would make me buy an Xbox One. Sunset Overdrive might, but a next-gen Gears of War is bound to be epic (no pun intended). Will still probably play almost all multi-platform games on PS4 or PC though.

Gears of War really had a unique, heavy, brutal feel to it with gorgeous visuals and I am glad the series is continuing. Wish the XboxOne was a bit stronger but it should still look great.
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BX81  +   432d ago
Yeah gears is one of my favorite franchises. From the sounds of it were not close to seeing any footage of the game any time soon.
BattleN  +   432d ago
I wouldn't mind a Gears of War spinoff with cyborgs. Oil blood, nuts, bolts and robot parts all over the place instead of gore and violence.
700p  +   432d ago
Gears of War is definitely one of the best shooters out there!!! Cant wait!
liquidhalos  +   432d ago
This is what im waiting for to get an Xbox one. Gears made me get the 360 and damn i loved the first 3. Cant wait to see this.
Sevir  +   432d ago
I'm more excited for Black Tusk's new IP than their Creative direction with Gears.
Gamer1982  +   431d ago
I'm worried for the series as it was already losing sales and steam towards the end of when EPIC owned it. They knew how to get whats best from the series I mean they are the ones who blew everybody away with it. I don't think it's going to be what it once was this coming generation as unlike other shooters like COD and battlefield that can re-invent themselves every year by jumping into the future and past and changing it up Gears is stuck in a generation. Not to mention there with a dev thats still sharpening their teeth. I can't see this getting anywhere near previous gears numbers but long time fans will probably pick it up if reviews are good.
truefan1  +   432d ago
I am glad to hear it, I think they will re-energize the franchise, like 343 is doing with Halo. Black Tusk is now 150 people according to Rod, which is a lot more resources than the other Gears team had. Can't wait to see the first snippet of this game and learn the new direction of the franchise. Gears is just on another level in terms of being a total package.

Off topic BT being 150 people means they may start working on that new up pretty soon, if they haven't already resumed.
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christocolus  +   432d ago
I hope they get back to completing that other ip soon enough. They've been recruiting alot lately. They hired some ex ssm and irrational games developers and they've been gradually expanding. That's what MS needs to do. They need to make sure each studio has atleast 3 different teams...right now most of the studios have no more than one or two dev teams each (with the exception of 343i). they also need to make some major aquisitions.

LXP, platform Next,lift ,soho should all be expanded too. Pressplay&twisted pixel should be given the chance to make full AA games. The studio head at pressplay has been talking about making a new Banjoe game&i honestly believe they can pull it off. The team is a really talented one,see what they've done with Max.
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Eonjay  +   432d ago
I am more interested in what "true to essence" means for this game. According to the wording, it sounds like they will be doing a reboot as opposed to a continuation. I am expecting the same enemies and gameplay (staying true to "essence"), but a story that plays out in a different way. Also, because they intend on continuing this as a franchise, the story may be longer, more fleshed out and possibly a new arch enemy may emerge that is controlling things from the shadows.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   432d ago
"Gears is just on another level in terms of being a total package. "

I wouldn't say the total package, personally. It had some of, if not *the* best gameplay of any game I've ever played...but I still feel certain areas were lacking. The stories themselves were never anything mindblowing, imo, the books did a much better job in creating a believable world and was just plainly better written.

I also think, aside from Dom...and maybe Marcus, that the characters were pretty one-dimensional and generic. They were likeable, and you definitely had the feeling that they were a group of friends, instead of being just a group of soldiers...but I would have liked a little more depth and character development for the rest of the crew, especially seeing as they had three games to do so.

As long as it still handles like the old games and still has an amazing horde mode/MP, then I'm sure it will be a guaranteed success. I just hope they improve the areas I mentioned too.
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MeliMel  +   431d ago
I would have to agree. As much as I love Gears the story was iffy at best.

At times I felt lost but the action was good enough to keep coming back.
BattleN  +   432d ago
New horde mode, beast mode, and the return of Guardian would make me happy!

Horde: should be an epic mode where every wave locust forces increase in number instead of becoming more powerfull and take more damage. Imagine 1,000 enemys on screen, that would be epic!

Beast: needs to be endless mode without a timer. Cog keep reinforcing and attacking till you die or meet a specific objective!

Guardian & MP modes: 10 vs 10 or more would be so awesome!
Giantbomb82  +   432d ago
Halo/Gears >>>> Killzone/Uncharted and it's not even close. Especially when it comes to multiplayer/co op and overall gameplay. But hey, the Sony games have great cut scenes. And that's what video games are all about on this site. Love to see what they do with horde mode. I know they'll re-invent it somehow. Multiplayer just needs to be slowed down a bit, no Retro's or sawed off shotguns either. The Gears series has the best weapons of any shooter. Hammer of Dawn, Digger Launcher, Torque, Boom, Lancer, One shot, Mulcher plus all the Gnarly executions. Gears of War 4 will be a system seller.
98xpresent  +   432d ago
Why ?????? Why start a fanboy war ?
stuna1  +   432d ago
Because he has nothing better to do! I could see if these games were brought into the conversation by so called Sony fanboys, but this is obviously a inside job, which to me sounds like a definate plea for help for his own insecurities.
SpideySpeakz   432d ago | Trolling | show
700p  +   432d ago
Thats probably because its funny seeing immature kids arguing amongst each other.
NukaCola  +   432d ago
4 totally different games bro which are very unique in each of their own areas of expertise, flavor and style.

Halo and KZ are nothing alike, nor are Gears and UC.

I think the Uncharted series has like some 400 awards tho. Gears has that right? Right?

I kid. All great games.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   432d ago
Halo and Gears had some pretty rad cut-scenes, bro.

Also: HAHAHAHAHA, that is the saltiest comment I've seen in a while. This is an XBOX article, keep that shit outta here.
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Team_Litt  +   432d ago
Don't go there guy. Even though I enjoy Halo more than I do Killzone, I don't think that this the time or place.
Master-H  +   432d ago
Spoken like a true dudebro.
CorruptBoyd  +   432d ago
The boom has to go. Or at least only make it with one shot
voodoochild346  +   432d ago
The boomshot is and always has been a power weapon. It should be 2 shots like in gears 1 but removing it would be idiotic.
BattleN  +   432d ago
Gears, does best Uncharted, sorry Sony guys!
Mr-Dude  +   432d ago

Why the flame dude? I own multiple systems. Most here know that I prefer PlayStation, but I know a good game when I see one. For your flaming I bubbeld you down, I was not needed!

Ontopic: Gears is a awesome franchise, but Judgement... was I the only one who didn't like it?
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GamersHeaven  +   432d ago
Series is dead no one cares about GEOW any more.
R0n0rve  +   432d ago
I respectfully disagree. While Judgement wasn't the best entry in the series, there are still tons and tons of gamers who are looking forward to Gears on Xbox One.
smashs  +   432d ago
I agree, GEOW just feels boring and you never feel thrilled.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   432d ago
"and you never feel thrilled"

You must never have been on a Gnasher rampage and/or played the Horde mode. My condolences.
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MeliMel  +   431d ago
Dude you have never played a Gears of War game...thats a fact!
Mr-Dude  +   432d ago

I disagree dude... MAYBE this or Quantum Break is the game what makes me buy a Xbox One
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FITgamer  +   432d ago
I do, it's my favorite Xbox franchise. I'm really hoping they do it justice because it's the one that'll push me to buy a Xbox One.
donnieboy  +   432d ago
A MMO Gears wouldn't be so bad or have massive fields with thousands of players in them. May the Azure be with you.
MasterCornholio  +   432d ago
What games did Black Tusk make before?

Just asking because it would give me an idea of the quality of games that they produce.
R0n0rve  +   432d ago
I don't think any. Before, they were called Microsoft Vancouver and I don't think they developed and released any games.
XiMasterChief  +   432d ago
They were developing a Kinect (1) game before renaming to Black Tusk. After they making a new ip for Xbox One before acquiring Gears.
IHassounah  +   432d ago
Well the leaders of the company are ex-Bioware developers. They went back to Microsoft after EA acquisitioned the studio , there is some from Sony Monica and Irrational Games , Some are ex-visceral employees , some are new talents.
castillo  +   432d ago
No matter what you do , I will be ready Cash in hand. Bring Black Tusk.
lemoncake  +   432d ago
Looking forward to seeing what they can do with gears on the next gen.
Psychotica  +   432d ago
I will be curious if this ends up on the PC like Titanfall and DeadRising 3 did, that would be good.
castillo  +   432d ago
It's First party ,only if MS wants to take it there but I doubt it.
Psychotica  +   432d ago
Yeah I kind of doubt it too but you never know..
CorruptBoyd  +   432d ago
I'd like to see a game that works and people dont eat my pointblabks and that bullshit lag! We need real dedicated servers use the cloud pls!
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Darkwatchman  +   432d ago
I'd pay for a Gears of War remastered trilogy on Xbox One in addition to this. If Master Chief can get a collection, why can't Marcus Fenix??
Lukas_Japonicus  +   432d ago
I would buy a Gears trilogy remaster in 60fps DAY ONE.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   432d ago
You should pre-order already bro. This is meant to happen. I'm sure Gamescom will have surprises Gears related!
Mr-Dude  +   432d ago
As long as they keep Judgement out of it... Then yes! But that's my two cents
KNWS  +   431d ago
If it happens i'm all over that. How awesome would it be to able to pick and play any map from gears 1 , 2, and 3.

1080p 60 frames. dedicated servers for private and public matches, man i don't think i'll get off it and i play it all day.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   432d ago
I wholeheartedly agree my friend.....This should have been assigned to People Can Fly, they could've done this and it would have sold very well.
Sykoticz  +   432d ago
as long as the multiplayer is like gears 1,2 & 3 all wrapped up in one nice box with no noob double barel shotgun ill be happy
Vantage  +   431d ago
Gears of War 3 is the only Gears of War game with acceptable multiplayer.
iistuii  +   431d ago
Great idea, yeah I'd buy that without a doubt..
Pascalini  +   432d ago
Just get rid of the justice ideas that game was bad
voodoochild346  +   432d ago
The ideas were good. The execution was bad. They made the weapons more balanced than gears 3(though the rifles were still a bit too strong due to the balancing for free for all) but they bring back the 2 piece and add stim grenades.

The next game will be fine as long as they balance the game for skill and not add idiotic mechanics to help bad players. Also no gears 3 aim assist.
CervantesPR  +   432d ago
This is pathethic microsoft, these guys were making a new IP and cancelled it just to rehash another gears of war, pathethic. dat Microsoft milk.
Bizzare21  +   432d ago
How is that pathetic? But I expect something like this from a person who has BloodBorne as their profile pic.
CervantesPR  +   432d ago
Lol thanks for using bloodborne as an example, it supports my statement.

Fun Fact: From software said themselves that sony did not want demon souls 2 and that they wanted something new. The comeplete oposite of what microsoft is doing with gears LMAO
Old McGroin  +   432d ago
"From software said themselves that sony did not want demon souls 2 and that they wanted something new. The comeplete oposite of what microsoft is doing with gears LMAO"

Something new like Uncharted 4? Infamous 3? Little Big Planet 3? The Last Of Us Remastered? Killzone 4? Big hitters like these will continue to spawn sequels as long as they sell well, Microsoft and Nintendo are no different, get over it troll.
FayZ_  +   432d ago
it's pretty much why i want an xbone, gears of war multiplayer has been the best mp last gen, along with cod & bf.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   432d ago
uh no halo was and always has been, how old are you?
GusBricker  +   432d ago
One of the best/most intense shooting from last gen, plus co-op was simply amazing.

Can't wait to see/hear more.
rmw2hot87  +   432d ago
I'm so hype for this game.i still occasionally play gears 3 multiplayer that game is a classic. Gears of war will always be my favorite gaming franchise.
xtremexx  +   432d ago
we expecting anything at gamescom?
ThichQuangDuck  +   432d ago
You shouldn't expect to see any of New Gears even a teaser until E32015. You will see gameplay E32016 and it will release fall of 2016 at earliest
hulkamania78  +   432d ago
Gears 1-3 outstanding. Judgement was great in Overrun mode the new controls worked. Quick weapon change and if you got a good team of each class good mode. But TDM it was a fckuing disgrace. The lack of execution, 2 weapons, the fact u could start with the snipers and a pistol in a match ruined it. It felt like an Unreal tournament Mod for me. They should,never of messed with the controls. The classic. D Pad 4 weapons worked so well especially in gears 1 and 3 . I just didn't care when playing Judegment . That's the only Gears game I've traded. The others I have the collectors editions. Nothing beats in Gears 1 your on your own everyone is watching in a lobby and u hide and take the whole team outs truely the best MO experiences I've ever had. We would have 8 buddies playing from 8pm by 1am there'd be 4 of us going up against all comers. Proper chat and trash talking . Led how everyone killed went into a lobby to watch and smack talk the opponents. Some amazing tense battles in gears 1 .
voodoochild346  +   432d ago
Yeah the markza and the fact that you spawn with lethal grenades were among the worst ideas of the series. The stim grenades are in their own category of stupid.
Funantic1  +   432d ago
I'm a very huge fan of the Gears Of War series. Even tho the last one judgement day wasn't up to high standards that we expect, the franchise is so good that it's allowed 1 f... up. I'm sure Black Tusk will listen to the feedback from the fans and do a great job.
#19 (Edited 432d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Gears is definitely my favorite xbox game and I was happy that Rod Ferguson was at the helm. Like Lukas said, I hope they bring the darker tone and horde mode back. This game has been the reason I why I would pick up an X1.
#20 (Edited 432d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Xb1ps4  +   432d ago
I can not wait for the next gears!
miacosa  +   432d ago
Hopefully it's something totally new if they fall back on past characters etc. it will be very disappointing. The trilogy had a nice beginning and end to rehash it will be a huge fail just like the fourth title was a huge step down from the original three and felt like a cash grab.
BigBosss  +   432d ago
i played gears 1 2 and 3 and i seriously got over the series it was the same thing over n over, gears 1 and 2 were the best ones.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   432d ago
Stop, the same thing can be said about Uncharted, and I love Uncharted 2, 3 not so much as the pacing sucked. Coop was great though....
StrawberryDiesel420  +   432d ago
If this was out now, I would own an Xbone, I love this franchise. However, we know that it won't be until probably fall/winter of 2016 until this game releases so it would have been nice to have People Can Fly(they did a nice job with Gears of War: Judgement IMO) do a remaster of the original Gears running at 1080p 60FPS just like SONY/ND did with Last of Us. That would at least give fans a taste of Gears running on the Xbone. It wouldn't even have to be 60FPS as I know that isn't easy for all devs to accomplish, but a nice 1080p remaster of Gears of War and I would scoop the Xbone from Best Buy tomorrow.
#24 (Edited 432d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
HacSawJimThugin  +   432d ago
My love for Gears knows no bounds. With that being said, Rod is the best person for the job, I sure he has assembled the Gears team according. While Judgment was the worst in the series, I still hit it up every so often to play a little OverRun and Free for All. I would have loved free for all in Gears 3...man that would have been nice.

The next Gears will be nothing short of stellar. Gears was the game that convinced me to buy a 360 and I will continue to wait patiently for the next game and hope they take as much time as they need to get it as close to perfection as they can.

I know that Gears didn't invent the wheel but they have set the bar and are the standard for cover based shooters. Nothing comes close IMHO.

If you disagree let's have a healthy debate like mature gamers and discuss it further.

Edit: I am one of many who would love #TheMarcusFenixCollection on XB1...If you feel the same voice your sentiments via Twitter to Phil, BT Studios, and Rod. Let's come together and make it happen.
#25 (Edited 432d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Giantbomb82  +   431d ago
Healthy Debate??? On this Site. Yeah right. The only thing said on here is that Uncharted 2 & the Last of Us have the most GOTY awards. So Ha! Ha! Critics love are Sony games more. Xbox Sucks. PS4 sales are killing, Gears is dead. Welcome to N4G. To me your right Gears is the best shooter out their. Maybe if Marcus had a little girl and she died, throw in some giraffes, Gears would get some more recognition. Critics are never wrong, that's why Titanic has 11 oscars and Shawshank redemption has 0. I don't base my opinion on critics when it comes to movies or music and certainly not games. Other than a red dead sequel, Gears 4 is what I'm looking forward to the most
BillytheBarbarian  +   432d ago
Gears 3 was my favorite game last generation. Judgment ruined what was near perfect. It had some nice ideas but I went back to 3 really fast.
Gears_President  +   432d ago
I would love to see Gears with a really dark/scary tone. I would also like for the writers, this time around, not to leave huge plot holes in story. Why is the Queen human anyone? No more compromises for the new players,get rid of the sawed off and retro lancer. The locust need to return to multiplayer or whatever non-human enemy they have conjured up. I know some people want the pendulum wars that's fine, but if they go that way the opposing team needs to look completely different than the other team. I hated Marcus vs Marcus in GOWJ. DBNO (Down But Not Out) MUST RETURN!! Without DBNO it feels more like Gears Of Duty than Gears of War. Of course Horde needs to return. I would like to see them somehow make the new Horde feel like it did in Gears 2. In Gears 2 there were no fortifications, there was no way to stop enemies from getting close. You had to strategize, and the big Locust were extremely dangerous. It was fun in Gears 3 but they couldnt get to you until the boss wave, really took a lot of the pressure out the game. All that said, love the series except for Judgement.
DirtyLary  +   431d ago
2016 or 2017?
KNWS  +   431d ago
Gears MP is still the best experience. Its a great game online can't wait to play the next one.
#29 (Edited 431d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
iistuii  +   431d ago
My favorite all time game. Playing Horde mode & co-op campaign until the early hours. Bring it on, hope it's as good as the others..
#30 (Edited 431d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
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