South Park: The Stick of Truth price cut in half

The price for South Park: The Stick of Truth got cut in half.

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Bzone241417d ago

What's the use of the article if they don't give you the prices in the article?
Prices for US Amazon.
PS3 - $29.99
Xbox 360 - $38.41
PC - $39.99

nikrel1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Except the Digital Download (PC) is still 59.99, must be the transportation fee.

DarkBlood1415d ago

But it would be free shipping over $25

crxss1415d ago

Makes sense. Transporting the game through thin air is expensive.

700p1416d ago

Yeah its a pretty good rpg. It feels like you're watching the actual show..but in a rpg.

gamernova1416d ago

If you're a sp fan, you will laugh your ass off. That's all.

BiggerBoss1416d ago

What gamernova said. If you like South Park you'll love this game, if not you'll probably find it gross and stupid

BitbyDeath1416d ago

So good it is underrated.

SmielmaN1415d ago

I liked it a lot. Huge South Park fan. Huge gamer.

Skate-AK1415d ago

Seriously one of the best games I have ever played. I think it was even funnier than the show. The jokes never quit coming.

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iNFAMOUZ11416d ago

why is pc download still the same price, that's dumb, ill get it when it goes on a steam sale i guess..


Google the game and cd key sale and buy it from any site and put your key in steam. Its cheeper and legit

DarkZane1416d ago

30$ is still way too expensive for this.

Jyndal1416d ago

I've done 2 playthroughs so far. I love it.

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