Want turok nintendo 64 games to come to wii u virtual console? it's now time to speak up

"Classic Media, the publishing studio that has the rights to the original Turok franchise, says that if you want the Turok games from the N64 on the Wii U Virtual Console then be sure to let them know. " so this is our chance to see turok 64 SPEAK UP

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Randostar1171d ago


MSBAUSTX1171d ago

Hell yes I do! I would buy all of them too!

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weekev151171d ago

Man the Turok series in the right hands could be kick ass on next gen

XXXL1171d ago

I'd rather have more classics like Clu Clu Land and... wait for it... soccer.

Dan501170d ago

I asked them to put the PC versions on GOG and Steam if they could :)

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