Gametrailers: The Bourne Conspiracy Review

Gametrailers has posted their review of The Bourne Conspiracy, giving it a 7.2 out of 10.

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Obama3839d ago

Not interested, pass. I am saving my money for mgs4.

DarkRayneRules3839d ago

Bought it. Played the first couple of levels. Got sick of the boring shooting and tedious button mashing... got a sore thumb. And decided to return it and get Ninja Gaiden 2. :)

It needed counter moves, guns during punch ups, dodge, maybe punch and kick instead of light and heavy attacks, more interesting enemies... just something to break the boringness. I'm just annoyed... it's no where as bad as Blacksite. But it is no Ninja Gaiden, Assassins Creed, Gears of War or [insert game you like here].

Who took the fun out of games... :( WHO!
Games need to encourage fun, exploration, creativity and individualism. That's what next gen should be about. Not just descent graphics and descent gameplay. Descent doesn't cut it...

Maybe that was the problem, they were trying too hard to recreate the movie and books that they forgot to add something of their own into the mix. I hate to say it but their last game Darkwatch was funner.

Anyway... I'm happy to sit somewhere in the middle of last and next gen and enjoy looking back and ahead seeing how far games have come and how others are still flailing about in 'next gen' skin and not much else. Random conclusion to a demented rant about a disappointing game.

Darn that 'next gen' skin. Lots of games seem to be using it to make some money without investing enough time and effort into developing something worthy. Shame on them... We are blinded by the graphics!

G4drake3839d ago

wow this game look good, too bad is too short