15 Reasons Why All The Criticism Towards The Order 1886 Is Unjustified

"There are plenty of games coming and going as the days pass by. It’s almost a lazing lull if you look at it that way. In that tranquil moment when you’re hazily moving over one title and the other comes a sprightly one that catches your fancy like never before and enraptures you with it’s splendour."

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randomass1711569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

The game's not even out yet. I hate pre-release impressions for reasons such as these. Let's judge these games when they are out and not before they are even close to being finished.

XiNarutoUzumaki1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I wonder how the spoiled gamers of today would have survived in the old days when we had nothing but word of mouth to go on to determine whether we buy a game or not?

You could see how dumb some people can really be when they misunderstood the word ''Filmic'' with ''Movies''. Didn't Uncharted 2 did this already? Who complained? The game handled the Movie Cinematic very well merging it with the gameplay. I think this is What RaD wants to do as well.

Also, the lack of long gameplay footages is what is making people desperate about this game. Shouldn't previews be no longer than 3 minutes? These spolied brats want a full chapter to decide whether to buy a game or not. Who did that work out for Watch Doge and Titanfall? Too much Info kill the surprise in games.

The Order has a long way to go yet. It's so damn early to judge. Rad already said the game will have open areas as well, not just linear corridor. And, Why are people still complaining about Linearity as well? Can't games be different from one to another? I don't want everything to be open world. C'mon...

The gameplay also looks so good. It will be a 3rd person shooter at best. I'm not even worried. The Director said he won't go crazy to include QTES every 1 minute, and the cutscenes will be all real time transition with the gameplay.

Too much hyperbole imo. I just hope RaD really delivers the promise here. This game won Best of E3 from Polygon, and that means something.

combatcash1569d ago

The game looks beautiful, I don't know anyone who has complained about this game. But for the people who are already criticizing, just let the developers do what they will with their game. Reviews will be available and with today's uploaders you will undoubtedly find plenty of videos to make your decision.

Software_Lover1569d ago

............ No one has been talking about this game for a while. Atleast a week or two. Everythings been Halo, TLOU, and updates. I hadn't thought about this game until just now.

People can always find small reasons why criticism is unjustifiable. What about when some criticism is justifiable? No one from either side of the fanboy aisle can accept it for some reason.

Spotie1569d ago

Which criticisms do you think are justified? The complaints I've heard that have been leveled at The Order have been pretty weak, at best.

Like claiming it's 800p, when it's not. Or lamenting that it's linear when only one part of one area has been shown off in gameplay.

There haven't been many- if any- valid criticisms of this game, based on how little of the game has actually been exposed to us.

Software_Lover1569d ago

I was speaking in generalities, not specifically toward The Order.

gamer11381569d ago

Mate, it is 800p. The space where those black bars are is not being rendered, so while it may have the same pixel density as 1080p in the rendered space, it is still not displaying the same amount of pixels as full 1080p and as such is less taxing on the hardware which is why RAD are able to push effects such as MSAA.

On topic, despite my reservations over QTE's and no Co-Op, i'm still looking forward to seeing how this turns out and will give it a go.

Artista 1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Well, I like Uncharted. . I've got the feels I'll like this one too.. It's a simple third person action from a gameplay perspective, so the focus here is the 'cinematic' story-telling. . Thus, single-player only :)

These types of games aren't for everyone so it's only natural that folks criticize it.

No game is above criticism, justified or not. People tend to get sensitive when a PS exclusive is being criticized.
Sensitive enough to write an article about it. ^_^

Sadist31569d ago

So let me get this straight...
Author-"There's reasons why criticism towards the order is unjustified."
John Doe- "what are the reasons?"
Author-"it's set in England, the 1800's was a time of innovation, and it has zombies."
John Doe-"um, what does that have to do with anything?"

Exactly how this article sounds. Senseless. So let's all take in the fact that criticism is unjustified because the 1800's was a time of innovation.
But then again, so was the 1900's...

telekineticmantis1569d ago

Based off what we've seen, there's nothing too special about this game. The story settling in a "League of extraordinary gentlemen" type is the most interesting part of it, and some interesting weaponry as well, that's about it. But I do like the enemy type, just dont think they should obsorb bullets without reacting to it at all.

This is the point where an Xbox fanboy comes in the forum and says something from out of left field like: "when the 360 had a werewolf game, you all said it was a terrible idea, now you're all defending it", in 3,2,1...

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