Elite: Dangerous Beta Now Live

The beta can be purchased for £50 GBP and comes with access to 55 playable star systems which creator Frontier Developments claims covers 29,000 cubic lightyears as well as a range of multiplayer modes and missions.

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DeusEx-Machina1472d ago

Congrats to the ED backers. Enjoy!

Palitera1472d ago

I was reading about it and Elite this week. Such a great game. If only I was able to land my ship back on that MSX childhood...

Si-Fly1472d ago

Been playing it with a DK2 since Thursday, unbelievably good and the No.1 VR title at the moment.

BiggerBoss1472d ago

This game and star citizen look very similar to me. Which one is expected to be better?
(I know the original "elites" came way before SC)

Tibbers1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Both universes are pretty different and Elite's development time will be way shorter than SC's. The budget is also quite different (around 3m$ compared to 49m$).

In the end, SC will be a lot bigger and more complex but not automatically better.

edit: There's a good chance you'll be able to play Elite for over a year before SC comes out.

ModernFuel1471d ago

Elite: Dangerous is a lot more complex and bigger than Star Citizen.

ModernFuel1471d ago

Googe: "Elite Dangerous FAQ" for a detailed overview.